LEEP waiting time

Hi - my partner was referred for a colposcopy following an abnormal smear earlier this year. The colposcopy was performed at the end of March and she was told by the colposcopist that she had borderline changes. Last week she got a letter diagnosing CIN 3. The appointment for a loop biospy has come through for June. I'm trying not to panic her but should / could we be doing anything to speed things up? Surely early treatment is critical? 

Hello, just wanted to reply as you finances case sounds like mine, I had a boderline smear result, and at my colposcopy appointment the consultant didnt know wether to take a biopsy, yet he did and that too came back as CIN 2 / CIN 3 (he couldn't deciPointing had my lletz treatment on the 27th march. It was totally fine, the biopsy appointment was worse than the treatment appointment. My results from my lletz were all CIN removed, and they only saw CIN 1 in the sample. So this meant that the CIN 2/3 was removed in the 1st biopsy. Basically im back to normal and just have to go back in 6 months for a smear. Everyone is different dont get me wrong. But hopefully your fiancé will be ok. Sounds like your a supportive guy so just be there for her and you will both be ok :) congrats on ur wedding too xxx

Sorry forgot to say about the wait bit, it's always a good few weeks, but... Ask your girlfriend to ring the clinic up everyday and ask if they're any cancellations. They get cancelations all the time because of women who are booked in yet maybe start their period so they re-arrange the appointment. Worth a try! Tell her even if she feels like she's annoying the staff at the hospital to carry on n she may even get in very soon. Average wait for the treatment results is 4-6 weeks. Xxx

Hi there,

if you have private healthcare then I would absolutley recommend that your partner uses it. She will have to see another consultant but her treatment will be pretty much immediate. When I was going through treatment my NHS consultant wasn't keen on me switching. But I did. It was the best thing I did and my care through treatment and after care has been fantastic. If your partner has to wait until June this will be really stressful. If you go private it will be done and dusted in a few weeks if that. I count myself very lucky to have private healthcare. Please insist to her existing doctor that you want to switch. Good luck, and enjoy getting excited about your wedding rather than waiting until June to be seen. 


Tess x 

Thank you both. It amazes me that people who have to deal with this kind of thing find the time to try to reassure others.

Gem Gem - we'll try asking for a cancellation if other options don't work out. You situation sounds so positive, I'm glad it worked out so well.

My concern was that after the initial smear which detected high risk HPV and abnormalities in early January, due to the wait between each stage it'll be mid June before the LLETZ procedure. Then another six weeks before finding out if there's more treatment needed.



I think it depends on the severity of the results. It sounds to me like they are unsure if she has CIN3, I have CIN3 but my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment was done at the same time and only had a week to wait between my abnormal smear results and my colposcopy/treatment. It may also vary depending on your NHS consituancy, these are only my opinions though as not a med professional. 

I am currenly waiting my biopsy results (3 weeks this thurs) and I am struggling with the not knowing/uncertanty so I can fully understand your fiances concerns/heartache. I keep calling every few days to rush them up (if it even works) so I would recommend doing that also to try and get an earlier appointment slot. Failing that, use the private healthcare for a second opinion/speedy appointment time.

Good luck to you both ( please do not google anything - its highly unreliable, use Jos for the most accurate information available) and congratulations with your up coming nuptuals :)