Leep question

I've posted before, but I will quickly refresh here,

at age 24, I had first pap, came back HPV Positive and high grade change, colposcopy and biopsy done, showed cells had begun to change to cancer, had a leep and got clear margins yay, check ups afterwards came Back clear

in sept 2014, a pap came back with abnormal cells, doc wanted to do follow up but left town 3 months later, no never got done for 2.5 years as I couldn't find a doctor taking patients, 

finally had a pap in may 2017, results came back and was told to come back in 6 months, I went today (oct 4 2017) and my doctor isn't sure why I was told to come back but asked when I had my leep and I said 10 years ago, and that I had my ovarian torsion a year and a half ago, she said that that the leep could have left scare tissue and may have affected the readings and my ovarian torsion surgery also may have affected the results 

just curious if a leep 10 years ago can affect results 10 years later....

not told what pap results were even though I asked, just they came back abnormal/needing to be redone 

I'm from Canada also