Leep procedure

Hi. I’m just looking for some advice, I’ll start from the beginnin. I’ve always been really healthy & never had any sort of problems until I gave birth 4 years ago, about a month after giving birth I started experiencing problems with my stomach, I was always at the doctors to which I was repeatedly given antibiotics for ‘water infections’ This went on for about 3 years and then I was told I was suffering with ibs & have been taking tablets for the past year which have never worked, I was also finding sex painful but i kept telling myself it was due to ripping from giving birth, I have begged and begged for a smear but was always told I had to wait until I was 25. I finally received my letter and booked my appointment last month, I found the smear uncomfortable but again just put it down to my ripping. I got my results back after 4 weeks and was told i had  high grade severe dyskaryosis & needed treatment to have them removed. I spent the next 2 weeks terrified! I kept googling and was finding horror stories after horror stories, however the leep wasn’t bad at all, I didn’t feel a thing & found it much more comfy than I did my smear, i had my treatment a week ago and I’ve felt absolutely amazing! I’ve Not had one single belly ache for the first time in 4 years & haven’t needed to take any ibs tablets. im totally confused by this? I didn’t think we had any side effects To abnormal cells. I haven’t been tested for hpv either which I’m also confused about. Has anyone experience anything similar? Sorry for the long post. x