LEEP procedure

Just had my LEEP today. i have CIN2/CIN3 which was discovered during my pap. First abnormal pap ever, diagnosed with HPV 16. I am 29. Married with 2 children. One is 18 months old and one is 8. 


She said they took a larger portion and some from cervical canal where cells were present in the colpo. Should I be nervous about the cells being in the canal. Is this common? I'm pretty worn out. Trying not to worry. She said she thinks i am fine and that there is almost 0% chance of it being anything. But naturally I'll believe it when I see it.. because I never couldve predicted any of this to begin with. 


Hope you are all well. Any similar experiences would be awesome. 



I think the LEEP/LLETZ always takes a bit of the canal no matter what. It takes a circular chunk of the cervix with the opening at the center. Did they say what kind of cells the colposcopy found in the canal? I think many doctors take a sample from the canal at the colposcopy if they see any outside suspicious areas in need of biospy. Just in case. The lab report might label that particular sample ECC. That sample may just show regular abnormalities or no abnormalities and not necessarily CIN. Either way, they would still take a portion of the canal out during the LEEP.