LEEP procedure & general anesthesia

Good evening!
I’m hoping to get some good advice here - the last few months have been a whirlwind. From one pap test to the very next I went from fully normal to high grade precancerous, and my LEEP is scheduled for next Monday. I’ve been trying to be very casual and nonchalant about the whole thing, especially with my family because I don’t want them to worry. But as I get closer to my actual procedure date, I find myself more and more anxious about the whole thing. I had a particularly rough time with my colposcopy and biopsy, which was done with local anesthesia only. My LEEP will be under general anesthesia, which I’ve never had before, so of course that is adding to my anxiety. I was wondering, is there anyone who has undergone the LEEP with full general anesthesia, and did you deal with any complications afterwards? Also, I don’t think my doctor mentioned if I would receive additional results after the procedure - do they test the area that is removed as well, to check for additional abnormalities? I’m trying to reassure myself, I guess, since the floodgates have officially opened and all of the fear I’ve been pushing off for the last couple of weeks is catching up with me.

Thank you so much!

Hey Marisa honey, hope this helps, 
I totally understand everything you're feeling! Although mine was all about a month earlier than yours.
I had the LLEZT under a full general, due to the fact I was so anxious with the local during my biopsy (and a bit of an emotional wrack after)
The hospital staff was wonderful! understanding of all my fears and very kind to me - it was my first time with all that too!
it's been about 5 weeks now - and besides an easily fixed infection (well it would have been easy if I didn't discover my allergies to pennicillin)
and a few days where I felt sluggish it's all been okay!
They tested everything they took from me, to make sure they got all the CIN3-CGIN cells and notified me within a week (may be a bit leter for you in the USA)

I'd have gone completely mad withourt my partner and family, so condid talking to someone hon. 

If you have anything further you want to talk about, I'm here hon.

Kate. xx

I just had first pap with high grade changes, they were almost normal. I cried a lot when I received news, knowing it will require treatments and surgeries and risks on future pregnancy.

I just had LEEP undeer general anesthesia and although I was scared (risks and not good for body), I am glad I did. I hated biopsy before, it was painful, the dr took a large piece of tissue. Being fully knocked out was great. I am most thankful for the fact that when they rolled me into surgery room and put to sleep with the mask on, I was just laying down covered in blanket. After I was out, they ositioned me into the surgery "pose" and I do not remember being exposed, which would add to the anxiety.

I had two general anesthesias before that, and never had any complications. Waking up is smooth, you will be relaxed and medded out. Just remember to not eat anything after the midnight the day before and you will be fine. It is great to be out and not smell the burnt tissue of your most sacred lady-parts, not being awake to fee anything, no pressure, no pain or discomfort.

Make sure you have supportive person with you when you wake up and they will drive you back home. No need to hide your pain or trying to be more brave. My mom had this done three times and she was acting like it is no big deal but I think it is, risks for pregnancy increase twice with one LEEP. Reading forums make me scared, the abnormal cells return and people have to do it again, which increases risks 5 fold! Does not mean it is going to happen, but it is still very worrisome. You can;t drive for 24 hours and do sports for ~2 weeks, no heavy lifting, no sex or tampons, too.

I had LEEP few days ago and I have some weird tingling/needle-punch feeling inside but besides no bleeding or pain. Stay positive and trust doctors. Now I am anxiously waiting for my results about the margins. I feel depressed and can't focus on anything.