LEEP or Cold Knife Cone?

Hello, I have CIN2 cells and my dr. is giving me the choice of whether to do LEEP or Cold Knife Cone treatment. Part of me thinks it might be better to be put under and have the cone treatment just to be done with it all together? But the other part of me thinks this might be overkill and maybe I should just have the LEEP in the office? How did you choose? Is recovery of the CKC much harder? Seems like I could end up having to do that anyway so maybe should just do it from the get go? I’m not great with pain either so I’m wondering if I could handle the LEEP? So many questions. I’m scared and confused. thank you.

I have had a Leep also for cin 2. I am not a big fan of pain. With that being said - local anesthetic stung a bit. But other than that , the pain was not horrible. Cramping, I actually didn’t find it that much different than the punch biopsy pain wise. However- my personal experience with lidocaine/ adrenaline was not a great time and has left an imprint on me. I am due to have a second leep for re occurring cin 2 and I am opting to have IV sedation ( like a light sleep) will still be breathing on my own. But unaware of what’s happening. This decision was strictly based on my anxiety levels. Not the pain itself.

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I wasn’t given a choice I was told I was having a LLETZ for CIN3. But I did make it very clear I want to have children so this may have had a part to play as cone takes more of the cervix than a LLETZ. I would speak to a doctor who can run you through both procedures and give you an experts view on your case and what would be best for you.

For my LLETZ under local I felt nothing expect the injections and just had a few period like cramps once it wore off.

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Hi! Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: I did speak to the dr. but she said it’s personal preference and whether I can “handle” the LEEP. That’s why I’m seeking opinions from others that have had the procedure. Sounds like it was pretty easy for you - thank you!

Hi - thank you so much for your reply. This is helpful. I am very anxious about this…probably too much. On the one hand it seems like it would be nice to just get it over with and not have to deal with the OR, etc, but I dunno, if I have the opportunity to go painless…maybe I should?! Ugh - I’m so indecisive.

I had CIN 3 and was told I needed a CKC and that it was not a fertility sparing treatment. That freaked me out so I sought a second opinion and the new doctor said she fully believed she could get it all with a LEEP and she wouldn’t even suggest a CKC unless she believed it was absolutely necessary. I had the LEEP in May and she got clear margins. I’m still waiting for my follow up pap in November but she said it should be clear of abnormal cells.

Thanks for your reply! How was the LEEP? Was it painful? What was your recovery like? I’m so nervous about being awake for the procedure…I’m such a wimp!

I was asleep for the procedure so I’m not sure how pain would be during it, although the cost of it all makes me think if I ever have to have another I will probably opt to do it in the office awake, not ideal but it’s very expensive to get anesthesia. I was very crampy afterwards, a bit worse than period cramps. A heating pad was extremely helpful. I was very tired for a couple of weeks and then about a month later I started having some mood swings that eventually evened out. I had my period a week early after the procedure and spotted for a little over four weeks I think. All kinds of crazy discharge with different colors and smells, it gross but it does go away. My only issue now is I think I might have some cervical stenosis or something going on. Every month since the LEEP my period has come earlier and earlier when I used to have a very predictable period. It also lasts longer now, it used to be four days now it’s seven or eight. My period back pain is a lot worse also. I had a big bleeding incident during sex once and have had a lot of random spotting. But if I exercise daily it seems to fix the abnormal bleeding, that’s why I think it might be cervical stenosis and the blood is having trouble getting out but exercising helps with that. Other than that I’ve had no pain with sex or problems with orgasm or natural vaginal lubrication which some people have reported. The procedure itself wasn’t too bad if you’re prepared for some exhaustion, discharge, and mood issues for a little while and just remember it’s from that and not YOU. I wish I didn’t have to get the procedure because there can be complications and I believe I’ve experienced some of those, but I didn’t really have a choice with having the CIN 3 and definitely didn’t want cancer! So it’s just part of my journey and I think healing takes a little longer than they say.