LEEP on Monday, What should I expect?

I just want an idea of how much pain I'll be in and for how long. It's vry early in the morning and my mother will be coming with me. if it helps at all, I did not feel my punch biopsies whatsoever. I actually found the speculum and brush the most painful parts of my colposcopy.


Also, if I can just vent a little: I got the confirmation call for my LEEP on thursday, then Friday I got a call saying they needed to reschedule me, and the only excuse was "The doctor won't be in at that time and we just found this out yesterday" and i'm sorry but I think that's absolute bullcrap. at least the procedure will be over sooner, right?

Hi Yvette,

i had my leep a week and a half ago. I found that the worst part was the speculum. Once the LA is in you don't feel a thing. Afterwards you may get a bit of period like pain which is eased with some pain relief. I also took pain relief prior to my appointment. since the procedure I've had a bit of period like pain but not every day. I found that it made me feel really emotionally drained for a couple of days after but I think that was a result of weeks of worrying. 

Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow x

Hi Yvette I had mine going on 2 weeks Tuesday it wasn't as bad as I taught it would be and done very fast, i drove in and out myself, was fine for the fir week now my back is in bits and yucky discharge hopefully won't last much longer, and like the comment above was emotional drained for the week but I also think that it's cos of the worry, fingers crossed for u xxxx

I had mine done four weeks ago I'm still

waiting for my results so decided to enjoy my birthday and hopefully no news is good news. I had no issues or pain during my treatment my nurse was totally amazing and I went home for a day to rest no pain after I had a little bleeding but is was so slight though I did get a swelling from time to time  

but nothing major and it shouldn't stop you from

doing anything other than bath swim and sexual

intercourse for 4 weeks xxxx good luck 


Thank you all for the responses! I just got my LEEP done this morning. I had my mom with me, which I think helped a lot. really the worst parts were to shots of local anesthetic, the burning smeel hich I don't see mentioned much, and the cramps I had afterward. I was pretty shaky, but did well especially after I took a lot of ibuprofen and got something to eat. The doctor and nurse was great, but it was amazing to have my mom there because she kept me distracted and made me laugh while it was all going on. I'm now just sitting around, laying in bed being lazy. 

I am in a similar to most of you ladies, I have had the biopsy which came back as CIN3. I'm awaiting my procedure to remove the cells as I was so nervous my dr said I would need general anistetic rather than local... Did all of you ladies just have Local..?? 

Hi Bekah, 

it is a really anxiety provoking time! I had mine done under local anastethic just because the thought of General makes me feel even more anxious. The procedure itself was fine - I didn't feel a thing once the local was in and it was all over pretty quickly. 

Wishing you all the best!