2 years ago i had a smear test came back severe dyskaryosis, today i went and had lletz treament today, what happens now? ive been in really bad pain since being back, does that mean there was no cancer present?


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In the lletz they remove an area of the cervix known as the transformation zone. This will now be sent away to pathology to be examined to ensure that they have removed all the abnormal cells. You'll get a letter to confirm this has happened in approx. 6-8 weeks. If they are not confident that they've removed all the abnormal cells, they may call you back for further treatment, but either way it is likely that you will be put on more regular examinations (every six months, for example, rather than the every three years that you may generally have your smear test). In the vast majority of cases, everything abnormal is removed during the lletz and no further treatment is required. 

May I ask why there was a two year gap between a result of severe dyskariosis and getting the hospital appointment? 

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It was my  fault because ive had alot go on over the years and was scared cos last time i went to have it done i had a man he was rough and i got up n left...but this time it was a really nice lady and my friends mum came with me x