LEEP/LLETZ Local Anaesthetic

I had a Leep/LLETZ procedure carried out on 16th December under a local anaesthetic. 

Has anybody else had theirs done whilst awake?

I was told it would be slightly uncomfortable.  It was agony and they had to inject anaesthetic twice more during the procedure as well as change the speculum for a larger one to remove more tissue.  It was the single most awful experience.  Later on that day I became feverish and about 36 hours later, I have only just started to cool down.  I've been given antibiotics by my GP and advised to alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen for a few days.  The GP said it's unlikely that infection would kick in that quickly, but it could have been a form of shock causing the feverish symptoms.  The antibiotics very given as a cautionary measure.

Is my experience a one off or has this happened to others?  I honestly felt like I should have been sedated for my treatment as it was unbearable. 

I think it's pretty normal to have it with no sedation though I see lots of women here have it under GA.  I'm for a local on Monday, I really am dreading it as a GA was not offered to me.   

First off let me say to AllAboutTheBass - do not let this experience scare you. I had mine under local 2 weeks ago and whilst the injection hurt, it was nothing like as described above. I took 2 days off work just to relax, and felt fully back to "normal" after another few days. I just felt a bit weak before that. I only bled a small bit for a few days in week 2.

Locals are very common for a LLETZ, unless there is a larger area to be removed. 

Krystykal -  it sounds like you had a really awful time, maybe the local didn't work properly on you, they perhaps should have stopped and did it under general, but that's a decision for the doctors to make I guess. Please don't let this put you off further treatment if needed. Think of the alternative, if those cells progress to something worse the treatment needed would make a LLETZ seem like a walk in the park.

Best of luck to both of you.

Hiya :-)

I'm just thinking out loud here really because I have no experience of LLETZ myself, but from what I've read on this forum there is an anaesthetic injection to the cervix, and also an adrenaline injection, is that correct? I think that some people are allergic to anaesthetics, but I could be wrong, is it possible that this is what happened in your case Krystykal? My alternative theory is that perhaps there was not enough anaesthetic and too much adrenaline. I imagine that too much adrenaline could send you into chemical shock with feverish side-effects? Does anyone know?

Hoping you get over it anyway Krystalkal and hope yours goes well on Monday AllAboutTheBass

Be lucky



To AllAboutTheBass - please try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know). I had a LLETZ with a local and it was very straightforward. I felt the needle for the anaesthetic and a faint tugging sensation, but the whole thing was all over quite quickly. I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn't there but that I was on a beach (crazy perhaps but it helped me). GA is generally used only if really needs to be. I personally found the thought and fear it worse than the reality.

Kystal, I'm sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds pretty horrendous. Sometimes it can come down to the skill of the person doing it. It shouldn't be painful, and Tivolli is correct in that they give a shot of adreneline too. It does sound as if something wasn't quite right. Have you considered talking to your GP about what happened? Please don't let it put you off going for your check ups, and if you tell them you had a bad experience hopefully they'll be extra gentle with you.

Krystal, I wish you all the best and hope you can put the experience behind you. 

AllAbouTheBass, I wish you well for Monday.

Take care x

I also had mine done under local and I felt a cramping sensation when had the anesthetic put in and when they were cauterizing the area afterwards I think the he hit an area which wasn't completely numb but it was more of a thumping feeling than agony pain, I found the most uncomfortable bit was the speculum as they had issues and I had to be tilted quite far back to see what was going on but allaboutthebass I'm sure you'll be fine after all if it was that bad then we wouldn't all have it done :) xxx


i was was looking on this forum for an idea of what to expect from my LLETZ procedure. I am due to go in s couple if days. I am one of these who thinks I can 'cope' easily with everything and this is what I let everyone think, but I am secretly a bit worried.

I was planning to drive myself to and from hospital on the afternoon of my LLETZ and to work the next day (luckily then because if xmas I have a few days off). Is this reasonable or will I need time off or to be  picked  up?

any advice from people who have had this would be great. Thanks.x

Please don't worry about the procedure.  If you're relaxed it should be fine.

I've only just surfaced again from all the meds my GP has given me.

I have seen that most people's treatments have been smooth sailing, so I'm sure yours will be too :)


My Grandmother had it done a few years back and was fine, but then she had no symptoms in the first place.  

I have had alot of problems and literally had to force the referral.  I found the biopsy uncomfortable. 

Maybe they felt I was overreacting. I'm not sure.  I've had two children and have a few tattoos and so I'm not new to the idea of 'pain'...but my experience seemed to shock the Consultant too.

it's just worrying me that perhaps the problem is deeper than she initially thought and therefore that caused the discomfort.  Once I find out I will let you guys all know.  

She definitely anaesthetised me twice more due to me saying I was uncomfortable, she said she'd give me more anaesthetic. 

I will investigate how experienced she was and await my results.

Fingers crossed guys... good luck AllAboutTheBass... x

Hey, firstly as the others have said.. please don't let my experience frighten you.

I don't want anyone to be scared.  And to be fair as one of the others said.. even at its worst, this is less upsetting than the alternative of leaving it.

I would suggest perhaps getting someone to drop you off and pick you up - even if you want to use 'parking issues' as your reason.

I broke out into a sweat and felt nauseous and dizzy immediately afterwards.  For what reason, I don't yet know.  However, I will be making further enquiries on the matter.

Because of that, I had to wait a while before being fit to drive, but I was fine until a few hours later.  As long as you're not a fitness instructor or lifting pallets, you may be ok.

or you could just take the day off to be safe and indulge in a coffee...!

I wish you the best of luck hun.. x

I had my LLETZ today and I'm not sure of the person doing it would be happy with you driving youserlf home. they asked me about 4 times if I had someone with me. 

Hi i was the same and a friend had told me it was pretty horrific and i had begged to have a general but i would have been another few months waiting and didnt think that was wise. I found it agony and she seemed to have probs too saying my cervix was so strong it bent the needle (how i didnt throw up i dont know) however if you think about it it was over with in fifteen mins or so. So after i did see it may have been ott to be put to sleep but if it does come back i will have to have general. Everyone is different. Ive known people who didnt feel a thing. Having the local put in was agonising. Im ten weeks on now and still having weird pains and twinges im so scared its not worked.