Leep freak

Hi Ladies,

I wondered if any of you could give me a little advice and reassurance as i am booked in for my letz this tuesday coming and I am starting to freak out a little.

I was originally booked in on the 12th but i was due my period on the 9th so cancelled for a later date. Problem is i haven't come on (probably due to the huge worry i have been going through since my smear result)

So i have had my coloscopy just before christmas, 4 punch biospys and a pipeline, and i didn't have any LA. I found this uncomfortable but bareable.(pipeline eye watering and a bit painful) the result was CIN 2

 I am really worried this is called Leep as it is so painful you want to actually "leep" out of the chair? I have heard horror stories about strong burning smells, bleeding, effects of the injection and my imagination of what i am going to face is really worrying me.

I know whatever happens it is better than leavig these cells to develop and i know loads of you have been through much worse, i am just a little worried about the procedure :(



8th Dec 2014 Smear High grade/Severe dyskaryosis

22nd Dec 2014 Coloscopy - Nurse explained smear result said possible cc but said she would know more when she looked at me during colospcopy (very anxious times)

 4 punch biopsys and endometrial pipline biopsy -  Told at coloscopy small area, not of major concern from what the nurse could see

30th Dec 2014  call from hospital confirmed CIN 2 on punch biopsy, pipline biopsy clear

20th Jan 2015 booked for Loop LA (hoping for all clear after this) :)


Hi Jillybean,

Can you not call the hospital and explain your worries and see if they will do it under GA? I know a lot of ladies on here have had it under LA and were fine, it just seems it's uncomfortable but not particularly painful following the anaesthetic injection. I had to have mine under GA because of the area but I was asked which I would prefer but the realised how big the area was.

Good luck x

Hi Jill,

I had LLETZ 2 weeks ago tomorrow at my colposcopy. 

I honestly did not find it that bad. I thought the vinegar staining was the most uncomfortable part of the colposcopy. They will give you local anaesthetic injections internally and then you should not feel any pain, just 'work' going on, like you might at the dentist. obviously you will bleed, but it can vary enourmously from person to person and they seal the wounds before they let you go. They will make you sit for a bit afterwards to make sure you are ok, some lucky people even get tea and a biscuit but I was the last appointment on a Friday and think they could not wait to see the back of me and all my questions. They probably thought if they fed and watered me I might want to stay the night...

I had light orangey discharge for about a week, followed by some light/ moderate bleeding which is now a light occasional drizzle, I never fully soaked any pads. I felt very tired for a few days and had period pains following but am ok now. The worst part for me is waiting as they biopsy what they remove and this can take 4-6 weeks. I was not biopsied before my LLETZ so hopefully you can draw a little reassurance knowing they have already tested your biopsies and it should be just removing the bad cells now.

Having said all that I am glad I was done in one go and would feel wobbly at the thought of having to go back and do it again (but that applies for colposcopy too). Which I may well have to, depending on my results...

If I were you I would keep calling for a cancellation and get it done ASAP. The longer you let it linger the more you may end up building up in your head. Honestly not that bad, you have done the worst bit already 

I hope that helps


Hi Fiona,


At coloscopy they said it was just a small area so i think its is probably better done under the LA. I am sure i will be brave when i get there just the worry of going is always worse :(

Hi Suzy,

Thank you for your message it helps to hear other women's stories. I am sure on the day i will be brave and it won't be as bad as i am expecting. I can't get time off before Tuesday so i will have to wait, but i guess it is not that far away.

My period feels like it may start any second so that is worrying me too, but i am still going to go along the worst they can say is come back.

Thsis time next week it will all be over :) 

Thw waiting for the results is the worst part Suzy I was ill worrying over christmas and the result of CIN2 was much better than i was expecting :)

Great attitude little bean.

Have you got someone going with you. I squeezed my husbands hand so tight he had nail marks! Not because it hurt, just because it just makes you feel very anxious being peered at down there! It's good to have someone to chat with too as we had a long wait for my appointment.

It will all be fine and as you said over with by this time next week. We had a takeaway and an easy watching movie lined up afterwards x

Hi Jillybean!

Please don't worry too much! It's really not that bad. The first injection hurt very briefly and I didn't feel the other ones. Having my cervix messed about with made me feel faint and they gave me oxygen but the nurses looked after me. I didn't really feel anything, certainly nothing that hurt. It doesn't even take very long. They wheeled me into a recovery room because I'd felt faint but some women bounce up and out the door within 5 mins. And I did get given tea and a biscuit! 

Some women are back at work the next day and others curl up on a sofa for a week or so feeling really wiped out. I think it's different for everyone. I am sure it will go just fine and you will feel a huge sense of relief when it's over. You'll just need to take some painkillers, watch some trashy TV and make sure people look after you. 

I did read a post from someone who was on a period and they still did the LLETZ so I would still go if it was me. As you said, this time next week it'll be over! :)

Kirsty xx

Hi guys!

I thought it was fine!! Nothing at all to worry about. The worst thing was feeling like I needed to wee all the way through! Honestly not a bit deal at all. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be.

Good luck xxxx

Hi suzy

I am taking my other half he came we me to the last appointment too, he has beena great support.

I am just looking forward to a cup of tea afterwards now :-) 

Thanks sam for your comment :-) to be fair the last trip for the biospy was ok, its just this injection i am afraid of, i am just being a whimp! I am sure it will be ok i will be brave :-) xx

Hi Jillybean

Don't worry about the injection, it's not like being at the doctors or dentists where you can see the needle coming at you, it's all done 'down there' so you can't see it - that makes it so much less scary!

I had my LLETZ almost three weeks ago, and the thought of it is much worse than the actual procedure itself.  I made my boyfriend sit outside as I didn't want him seeing me with my legs in the air and a man sat down there working! There was an incredibly friendly nurse who seemed to be designated hand holder if you needed her, and they make conversation with you the whole time to try and take your mind off of what's going on down below.

I felt a bit fragile afterwards, a bit like period pain, but also like I didn't want to get bumped or knocked by anyone. I spent most of the week on the sofa at home, but only because I'd booked the week as holiday over christmas and had nothing else planned.  I probably would have gone back to work the next day if I'd not already had the time booked off for other reasons. 

I also haven't bled very much at all.  I did a little the first day, but not as much as a normal period.  Then it's just been discharge type stuff.  I did have a little bleeding on doing some vegetable chopping and another little bit after carrying a bag of potatoes, but it stopped as quickly as it started and there was not much at all.

Everyone seems to heal differently, so please don't panic after reading some of the stories. I was told by the nurse that I had quite a large area removed.


Hello Exercise-a-holic


Thank you for your comment, it really helps to get this reassurance from women who have been through this. The whole thing for me has been so worrying. I had what sounds like a similar result to you High Grade/severe D before my colospcopy the nurse even mentioned possible CC but said "it might not be", when she looked at me she siad she couldn't see anything of major concern and wouldn't have put the smear result with what she could see, she said to wait for the biopsy result that came back High Grade CIN2. I think CIN2 is highgrade if i am understand it properly unless i am the high grade of the high grade CIN. The nurse said my results for the punch biopsys i had and the letz i am due to have will be discussed at MDT meeting, does anyone know if this is standard? This makes me even more concerned, I feel the information i am getting is up and down.

My biopsy showed CIN2 so i am clinging to this as CIN2 is from what i understand precancerous. I was doing great with handling this whole thing after i got this result until i cancelled my appointment due to my period and my nurse called to say i need to be aware i have to go to this treatment as they haven't rules out cc because of my smear result. I said i thought you had thats why i got a result of cin2 and asked her if there was cancer in my biopsy and she said no. I asked if i should be woried again and she said not too worried but i need to go.

Its just been awful up and down on an emotional rollercoaster. I just hope this leep procedure sorts out whatever is going on down there.

I am so grateful for this site and the lovely ladies who give me strength and understand what this feels like


I just can't wait to get this all over

I know the feeling exactly!! You are so not alone. I’m not sure that some drs/ nurses completely understand how they come across sometimes when they tell you things. It’s their job, but your body, health and life! I think all our feelings are normal- doesn’t make them easier to deal with. If you are unsure and need to ask any questions about what things mean, ring your drs and request a call back. Ere might be things you can be reassured about over the telephone. I did this a few times in one day!!! I think I said on another post that the docs are probably in the process of blocking my number! It is normal for them to have multidisciplinary meetings- but not sure why she told you this! It’s a positive because a rename of profs will have seen and discussed your results. This can only make them more accurate!

Soooo important for everyone to keep talking. Every time I have a wobble I come on here!