leeds walk

hi all

any one up for leeds walk then come on board ive got the local school and community centre involved so climb on and lets do it :lol: :lol: :lol:

love debi x

Well done Debi

A HUGE thank you for organising a walk in Leeds. I know you are a very busy lady, so you are a trooper to find the time to organise something. Great idea to do a joint event with the local community.

Hope others reading this post who live in or near Leeds will get in touch with you. It would be lovely for some of the ladies on the forum to have a ‘get together’.

Let me know if you need any more posters etc.

All the best


hi all

well i spoke to elaine by tex yesterday and she would like to be jointly involved in the leeds walk also i would like to ask for a little more leeds support if any 1 can find the time ? i will be doin the walk on crutches as ive to stay in bandages every other day until i get this condition under control jos trust has helped me out so much over the last few years has given me inspiration and i really dont no where id be with out you all this walk is goin to be my biggest achevment since i got through my chemo and radiotherapy so come on girls men and kids lets do this together

love always debi xxxx

Well said I agree with Debi.Jos are so amazing and have helped so many of us through the worst. Debi, you put us all to shame, but I will be there for you.

my god, taken me half an hour to type ths coz a little bitdrunk tonight.

e. xxxxxxx