leeds walk mark 2

love debi xhi all
well ive spoken to cheryl (my lovely radiotherapy nurse) and she is a star cheryl has taken over well over half my work load to helpin gettin the leeds walk a HOT SPOT she is writing to leeds rhinos to get a gorgeous rugby player there to open are walk hopfully on the day and she has some spare cash to make the day fun with bouncy castle etc etc

possibly roundhay park to walk the lake watch this spot i will keep you all posted

ps no 1 has emailed pm yet to get involved wi leeds walk if you cant walk a wheel chair is excepted as someone shorly could push it x

i sit awaitin lots of pms :roll: :roll: love debi x

Hi Debi

Well done for organising a Fun Day. Hope some of the good people on the forum will join you! Glad you’re out of hospital and feeling better.

Take care