leeds walk for fun

hi all

next week i am really gettin to work on all the walkers for roundhay park myself and elaine with help from cheryl (lots of help) but we could do with some more leeds peps to get involved with the walk its at roundhay park and will be a fun day so bring all the family along for a great day out dont forget to register under roundhay park

love debi x :lol:

Cheers Debi,

Yes please everyone. The more the merrier… Use the day to walk your dog, walk your children, walk your husband even…

We are hoping to have a few people there, can you believe its only 3 weeks to go…

So come on those of you who havent registered yet, please email myself or Debi for an application form.


Hi girls

Sounds like you are organising a great day up in Leeds. It will be a lovely opportunity for everyone from the Leeds area to meet up.

We will send you some balloons for the children, Pearl of wisdom brooches for the ladies and some wrist bands for the younger girls.

The bouncy castle will be great for the children. Did you manage to find a hunky Rugby player to open the event?

All the best
P.S I’ve put an order in for good weather!


awaiting for cheryl to do her stuff with the rugby player re frase that i am awaiting cheryl to find us a rugby player ive told her next time shes at a match just to grab 1 n ask him to come along ha ha but i think she will be takin another route :lol: not the debi tackle

looking forward for a good turn out just hope we make lots on the day xxx

love debi x

Hi everyone.

Just logged onto website to have a look at how much we have raised.
WOW £3600 + .

I am so looking forward to 27th April, to think that all of us will be out walking, somewhere in the UK, TOGETHER… How fab.

Lets hope the sun shines on us all.