Leeds meet again

Hi everyone,

Well the last meet was a great afternoon and I know that we said we would organise another one for the end of January… It mite be a problem for me on 30th Jan, not sure at mo.

What date would suit everyone - 30th Jan: 13th Feb or 20th Feb…

Wait to hear from everyone…!


HI Elaine

30th might be a bit of a stretch for me, but I’d love to be there this time after having to miss the last one at the last minute, so hopefully count me in!

Jo xx

30th is a defo no for me now as got something on…

Has to be 13th or 20th…


Hi Elaine,
The 20th will be best for me, looking forward to meeting everyone.
Hope you are keeping well.
Lots of Love Liz xx

Hi Hun
didnt see your post sorry just posted one too about 19th or 20th feb in manchester - could we poss combine one do you think???

Jo x x

Or I could try and come there this time :smiley:


Well to be honest I was thinking that the 20th would be best - as post above,.!!

If you could come to Leeds that would be great.!!



The meet in Leeds is on Saturday - I have posted more info on the social site.!!!

Hope you can make it.