Leaking from the vagina

4wks PO radical hysterectomy for 1b2 adenocarcinoma of cervix

Had a suspected rectal perf wk 1 which sealed itself

At the time scan show lots of free fluid and air in abdomen. The air reduced the fluid remained.

Last 3nights abdo v bloated feels pressure on pelvic op site.

Last 2days with any strain watery light yellow liquid from vagina.

Surely the cuff mustve healed by now. Is this lymphatic fluid from abdo?

Im pretty fed up of this journey as i also have had a drug reaction to the subcut heparin injection

Thanks ladies

@SodaBee give it time. I am week 6 post radical hysterecromy and lymphadectomy, and my body is so different from how it was immediately post-op. My abdomen was really swollen, the pressure was intense, and i also had yellow fluid (lymphorea) leaking out. The leaking settled after about 2 weeks and my abdomen has almost gone back to a normal size. I’m still getting a bit of pressure but I can’t work out ifit’s thee scar tissue or that my muscles are really week at the moment.
It’s a long road but you’ll get there.
Take care.

@SodaBee I am 1b2 adenocarcinoma (invasive smile). I spoke with my cns last week, and she said it csn take a while for the lymphatic fluid to work out a new route.

So nice , in a less than nice way, to not be alone. When they say another route for lymphatic fluid to drain I wonder where that is. How many weeks were you when you started leaking lymphorrhoea? Even tops of my thighs and mon pubis are swollen. In my case, i was better weeks 1&2 but worse now.

@SodaBee you are definitely not alone. It’s been a horrid experience and I’ve got more to come with chemorad. My tumour is aggressive, so although they got clear margins, I still need adjuvant treatment.

I think the lymphatic fluid tries to absorb through tissue. Did they leave your groin lymph nodes intact?

I’d perhaps contact your cns and have a chat with them. Are you managing to go for walks? That can help. Sit with your legs raised when sitting down.
I hope it settles for you soon.

HI Abi,
So is your cancer a high grade? Is that why youre having adjuvant treatment? Sorry is yours adenocarcinoma too?

My Groin nodes are left intact.

My abdominal fluid is worse when im lying down. It was so bad last night like painful lead weight. My entire back was so.painful. i couldn’t turn without help. Also cant take deep breath.

Now sat up for 2hrs the back is fine and breathing bit better. Ive spoken to the macmillan team and if the surgeons dont respond she reckons ill need a drain put in to drain the fluid.

When is you adjuvant treatment due?

Where are you located? Im.just outside london.

Hi @SodaBee , it sounds like you’re really struggling. I hope they get you sorted soon.
I’m staged at a 1b2 adenocarcinoma, invasive smile sub type. Its more aggressive, so they want to give me a better chance of it not recurring. Im based in Birmingham. I’m waiting for a start date but hopefully it’ll start w/c 22nd April.
Keep in touch. X