Leaking bladder, vagina pain, feeling guilty for feeling down.

Hi all me again with another moan I'm soo sorry I feel like right selfish cow writing this down but nowhere else to turn.

so I'm 3 week post op, had my catheter out 7 days ago and told margins clear no further treatment required 6 days ago ..................... So why do I feel like utter crap when I know I'm so lucky with how easy I got off with the big C.


i honestly feel like everyday I get up with the intention to cease the day get out there but by the time I'm up and dressed I'm in that much pain and shattered I can't go anywhere.

my newest pain is like a very big pressure on/in my vagina with a sharp stabbing pain every now and again, any ideas ???

im also leaking fluid I don't know it it's from uretha or vagina or what it is but within 1-2 hours my knickers are soaked (sorryTMI) anyone else experienced this.

Should also mention I'm on my second lot of antibiotics for a UTI from when catheter was in don't even know if there working. 

anyway I know some of you are probably thinking she should be happy and believe me I want to be just can't seem to shake myself. 

I'd appreciate any feedback at all going to ring the McMillan nurse tomorrow see what she says also.

thanks in advance and hoping all you women struggling out there get through this bullshit that is cancer !!

Sounds like nerve pain to me Hon, where the nerves are healing and start working properly again. I had it, and it was so sharp like a stabbing pain. The fluid is likely to be serous fluid which is part of the healing process...the body sends clear fluid to injured parts to assist healing i.e. like a sprained ankle! Keep taking your anti-inflammatory regularly! Much luck, h xxx

srr you sure you are emptying your bladder properly? it sounds like overflow. You need to measure your wee in a jug. You should be doing 400/500 mls each wee. I've sent you a pm with my number. Please don't hesitaye to call. Overflow is where your bladder is full and it just dribbles over. You may not be emptying your bladder fully each time. Same happened to me, serious pain as it backs up to kidneys. If you are in serious pain go to  a and e. You may need to be catheterised again. xx

Also agree with Helswad could be serous fluid that is finding its way out via your vagina. I leaked loads of serous fluid but out of my belly scar. It's clear very slightly yellow and watery. I know it sounds grim abc the last thing you want to do but you can find out what hole it's coming out of by looking in a mirror. 

Hello sweetheart :-)

You are not a selfish cow! You have very recently had a massive operation and your poor body needs plenty of time to get over it. A radical hysterectomy is a monstrous assault and you are bound to feel utterly exhausted by the whole thing because your body is taking all your energy to rebuild itself. And when you are utterly exhausted it's only natural that you can't be chipper and smiley all the time. Come on here and moan as much as you like because that is precisely what this forum is for and anyone who doesn't want to read this kind of stuff simply isn't here reading it.


Be lucky :-)


Thank you so much for all your replies, you ladies really do make things a lot easier. Thanks for the PM 365, I will be getting my mirror and my jug at the ready today see if I can get to the bottom of it. I'm feeling much better this morning after a mammoth 14 hours sleep !! I'm going to ring the McMillan nurse today anyway and see what she says aswell. I shall keep you updated. Thank you again so so much xxxxx

How you doing? 

Hi 365 so sorry I've not replied I've been vety busy catching up with my social life now I'm finally back on the feet. Anyhow it turned out the leaking was serous fluid I had to have catheter back in for 6 days to rule out urine but all better now thank you. How are you doing ??