Late smear HPV16

Hi everyone, long time lurker here!

I have health anxiety and right now I am in the middle of a pretty bad attack of it.

I was diagnosed with HPV16 in October 2017 with no abnormal cells and told to go for repeat smear in 12 months. Second smear still showed HPV16 and borderline cells so I was sent for colposcopy. There were no abnormal cells but consultant said he noticed a dark patch on my cervix which he was 99% sure was just aging! He took a biopsy to be on the safe side and this was confirmed to be OK as he suspected.

I was then discharged for normal smear recall in 3 years. This is where the problem lies. My health anxiety has gotten the better of me and I’ve not gone. I am 12 months late and I am absolutely terrified that something sinister has developed in that time.

I have not been sexually active for 8 years so I know for sure that this is persistent HPV16.

I am perimenopausal and have had some changes in my body. Over the last 14 months I’ve had spotting 3 times mid cycle. I read this could be ovulation bleeding but I’m terrified it’s something else. Please help!!!

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Hi there, just to say i empathise with how you are feeling. It is a sort of purgatory sometimes.

I would suggest you go and speak to your gp ( if you can book online do or register to… The number of times I call then give up after ten minutes on hold(!) take a bullet pointed list, and highlight the spotting. For which yes, there can be many, many explanations.

Ask to be reffered and discuss your options with a consultant. If you can afford private care that’s another option.

I am not clear whether you are overdue for your repeat smear? It reads like that, if so, get that booked in simultaneously. Explain you are anxious, they may be able to give you an extended appointment.

As to the hpv, though the infection is ‘old’ , it has likely been active and inactive at times. Your body may well have supressed it at intervals to the point of inactivity. Take care of the basics that are in your control to some degree : sleep, food, stress, and attend the appointment. Frustratingly, the anxiety won’t retreat until you do.

Hi Nero, I understand your anxiety over the appointmenent, I have just only attended a cervical screening two weeks ago after 16 years. The saying is true…the longer you leave it the more the anxiety seeps in. I’m currently waiting for my results & anxiety is through the roof but it’s better to have these tests done as difficult as it is. I hope you’re ok? :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Hi KittenCaboodle,

It’s really good you’ve plucked up the courage to go, it must be a relief you’ve done that. The waiting is vile isn’t it? If you’re anything like me, it’s the wait that is worse than the procedure!

I am OK I suppose but not doing well as I keep catastrophising and beating myself up for leaving it so long - I could kick myself! I had a transvaginal scan and ultrasound last August for heavy periods which didn’t find anything but I’ve read it doesn’t always pick up CC. I can’t stop reading things online - some help, some make my anxiety worse. Wish I could sleep until my smear and then results come through!!

I have got everything crossed for you and hope you get your results soon :crossed_fingers:t3: Xx

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Thank you lovely for the reply :hugs: I got the results this morning - clear. After 16 years of avoiding smears, I have a clear result. I’m very lucky & it just goes to show that the outcome isn’t always bleak if you can’t manage to make the appointments (but you must go - for your own peace of mind). Sending you love :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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