Late period after LLETZ

Hi Everyone,


I'm new here.  I have always had annual smears as my mother died from CC at 49 and my sister had it (treated successfully) at 21.  I had never had an abnormal result then suddenly during my tests for fertility my smear came back abnormal and I was noted as 'urgent' and put at the top of the list.  I had my Colposcopy through the public hospital less then 2 weeks later and at the appointment asked what he saw.  All he told me was that the microscope sees more then the camera but he didn't 'think' it was high grade changes.  Turns out it was CINIII in all areas of the sample so I was called in for a LLETZ.  At this point I cancelled at the public hospital and phoned the private specialist that looked after my sister - that was a Friday and I was in for my procedure the following Tuesday.


At the LLETZ the specialist told me the procedure is generally successful but I need to realise mine was quite extensive and right to the edge of the cervix.  I also had an infection already so I was put on 2 lots of strong antibiotics.  I am now 7 days post-LLETZ (which I found absolutley awful btw!) and have had no bleeding, some slight brownish discharge at first but barely any... and now a lot of watery discharge.  My period was due last thursday (it's now Tuesday) and I am a bit worried.


We are not careful as we are actively TTC (currently on hold post-LLETZ) so I thought perhaps we conceived last month just beofre the LLETZ yet a test today was negative.  I'll keep waiting and if all else fails test again but i thought perhaps this is a common thing with LLETZ?  I have never been late before without being pregnant (just don't get sticky babies), I have been early... never late and so I am finding it quite stressful.  Thats on top of the stress of waiting for the phone call to tell me if it was ok or not.  I honestly thought 3 women in one family was just against the odds... :(


I have phoned the nurse at my clinic and left a message for her to call me but has anyone else been though this?  Late period... lots of watery discharge... not pregnant? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.  


I know I only just posted... but I just rung the nurse and my results are back and the doctor is going to call me at lunchtime... ah thats only a week since my procedure and they told me it would take longer then the colposcopy results which took 2 weeks and were bad!  Now I am so nervous.  I always think quick results = bad news.  At least the waiting will be over soon.



hi hun sorry to hear your having a rough time of it. I had my LLETZ 10 days ago and have bled a fair amount since day 3/4 and only yesterday (day 9) it has srarted calming down - the nurse told me everyone is different, some bleed a lot others not at all. I'm also getting the watery discharge. My biopsy came back in 9 days and that was CIN3, I'm still waiting on my LLETZ results 10 days on but maybe yours will be quicker with being private?? I know the nurse said they usually get them back 7-10 days later....I've read your periods can be out of sync once you have had the treatment but that will settle down so maybe that explains it? My periods are all over the place with this terrible mini pill which I'm shortly coming off so can't gibe you any advice on that one - maybe test again in a couple of days. Hope you go on ok xx

Hey Natty thanks for the reply :)  I think I know in my head that anything not normal is probably normal after this kind of thing but it helps hearing it from elsewhere.  Hopefully i'll be posting soon with some good news :)  It's so good having somewhere to come and share where everyones in a similar boat and understands.

Defo is hun. Hope your results come back ok x

I just want to share that I got my call and it confirmed only CIN3.  I asked does that mean he got it all and he said we find that our at my 6 month check up... so until then I do not have to worry :)  Thats pretty good news to me.