Late period after coloscopy?

So I had my coloscopy almost 2 weeks ago and I should have been due my period on Wednesday just gone I’m almost 5 days late.
I’m worried as I have another coloscopy this coming Wednesday with the view of LLETZ procedure there and then or if not then 2 days after under a general, I’m scared my period will turn up this week and I’ll won’t be able to have the procedures and will have to wait ages for another appointment.
I can’t work out if my period is late due to the coloscopy and the stress or if it’s because it will be my second period since giving birth in June this year. I have all the symptoms of a pending period, cramps, acne etc it’s just so annoying!!!

Hiya. Sorry to hear the stress you’ve been having. I had a colposcopy in august and this did affect the next period I was due to have. I was late by a few days after this and I had a weird gap in the middle with no bleed then it carried on for four more days. It definitely knocked me out of sync.