late night worries after coloscopy x

Hiya everyone x

I had a coloscopy today and 2 biopsys were taken. I’ve been advised to stop smoking (which I am doing. Haven’t had a fag allday).

On my hospital letter prior to the appointment. The letter says that my results were abnormal. There were changes to some of the cells: low grade dyskaryosis. And that there was evidence of HPV infection.

What is dyskaryosis?.
Is it the same as CIN?.

When the Dr asked me if I had any questions my mind went blank.

Other than waiting for results I was just wondering what happens now?.

I’m ok I’m not in any pain other than twinges from where they took the biopsys. So just taking it easy.

I’ve also seen some comments about no news is good news (if they don’t contact you before 6 weeks it’s all good).

I just can’t help worrying ‘what if?’.

I’m 28 all other smear tests over than this year’s came back normal (didn’t hear anything after the normal smear tests).

Just can’t stop worrying that’s all xxx

Hi lovely,

the mind definitely can make you think the worse and cause excessive worry... It's a pain. 

I was told that dyskaryosis are the changes found on a smear. CIN is the amount of abnormal cells (CIN 1= 1/3 of the cervix had abnormal cells). HPV is the virus that can cause these changes/cells. 

My biopsy results came back within 3 weeks and certainly weren't bad results (Cin 1). So I think it really depends on the area on how long they take to come back. 

Wishing you lots of luck and hope your results come back quickly. X

Are you in the UK?

Hiya sharper x


Yep I'm in the uk x

Thank you for your kind words xxxx