Late/missed period after Coloscopy & LLETZ


I am new to Jo's, hope you are all well :)


Late last year (2014) I noticed bleeding in-between periods and blood after sex. I had my smear in the May (2014) and had clear results. I went to my local GP who thought I may have an infection and gave me antibiotics... this didn't work. They then changed my pill to see if this made any difference but nothing changed. Luckily I have private medical insurance through my work and was referred to a specialist. At my appointment the Dr checked my below region and said I needed a Coloscopy and LLETZ straight away. I had my operation on the 20th of February and was due on my period Sunday Night (8th March) it is now Tuesday (10th March) and I have nothing. As most of you know on the pill you normally come on like clock work? Has anyone else had a late or missed period after LLETZ? I highly doubt I am pregnant due to being vigilant with the pill and haven't had sex since my operation. I've read that Coloscopy and LLETZ shouldn't affect periods which has made me slightly worried.


Would appreciate if anyone could give some advice.


Laura :) x

I've not had LLETZ (yet) but have been familiarising myself with a lot of literature about it to make me less nervous (like exposure therapy) and I have encountered quite a few things saying periods may be delayed. This leaflet: says "Your periods may be light or heavy, early or late, for 2 - 3 months following treatment." There's something called the TOMBOLA study which mentions it as well. I can't find anything that says *why* this should be the case but it does seem to happen!

My period was over a week late after my abnormal smear result and my colposcopist said that was purely down to stress/anxiety. And I'm usually as regular as clockwork (not on the pill though). If you do feel at all worried though then do see your GP as they can put your mind at rest! But I imagine it will appear shortly :) xxx

Thank you for your quick reply Pineapple!

LLETZ really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was very anxious and shaky before the procedure but the nurses and doctor expect you to be nervous and try to relax you. It is slighlty uncomfortable during the procedure but I didn't feel much pain. I had bad stomach pains for a day or so afterwards but nothing ibuprofen couldn;t help. I bled more than they were expecting after surgery and stayed in hospital for 3 hours after the procedure so they could do half hour checks to see if it was stopping. It did eventually stop but I have had discharge/bleeding since which is expected. If you have to have LLTEZ you will be fine :)

I have a check up this Friday to get my results and see the specialist for a check up. I was hoping my period would be over by Friday like it normally is but do. Thank you for that link as it has put me at ease. 


Thanks x

You're welcome :) Thank you for telling us about the experience - I find it really helpful to hear about other peoples experiences. I hope the appointment goes well on Friday and that your period appears at a relatively convenient time!! xxx