Late for 2nd Smear Test? Worried - please help!

I had a smear test in July 2018 and it came back CIN 3. I then attended my local hospital on 11th July 2018 and I had a loop excision. I then received a letter on the 26th July 2018 stating that the the loop confirmed the presence of CIN 2 (was confused as I was told CIN 3 in the beginning... is there a reason for this?


It went on to say that the treatment I received appears to have removed the abnormal cells.


My worries are that I was told to attend another smear test in 6 months time which would of been January 2019. I moved town and completely forgot about it (which is completely and fully my own fault). 


I do not have any complications from the loop. My periods are regular and the same as always and everything appears to be fine. 


I am just so worried that when I book in for another smear test now which I will be doing tomorrow, that something abnormal could be found? 



Following loop excision treatment, 90% of women will have no further problems.  So the odds are very much in your favour:

So you are a year late for your test of cure which, although not ideal, isn't too terrible.  Your anxiety is totally understandable, but it's good that you're on the case now.

Distinguishing between CIN2 and CIN3 isn't a precise science but I think it's reassuring that  the loop excision indicated CIN2, rather than CIN3.

Hope, all works out well for you.