Late effects?

Hi ladies, hope you are all doing ok

I finished my treatment in August, been not too bad apart from the odd bloating feeling, wind and a few mild cramps, but starting on Sunday I have had the most intense stomach ache, was up last night in pain, thought I was going to be sick, I’m a wuss when it comes to being sick, so will try not to, but had the feeling that I didn’t have a chance, but it ended up coming out the other end! I thought my insides were coming out! I exploded! Sorry ladies, only way to describe it! I remember when I was having treatment and had bad diarrea, and it smelt, again sorry, fumey, well it did last night, I thought that would be the end of it, but no, I feel like my abdomen area is all bruised, it is so tender, and the cramps are coming every half hour, and they take my breath away they are so painful! Anybody else experience this at all, my cancer nurse has said it sounds like scarring, and irritability around my bowel, but is going to bring an appointment to see her and consultant forward to try and figure out how to deal with it.

Just wondering if this rings bells with anyone at all

Thanks for reading, I appreciate itxx

Hi, I had the worst pain I have ever felt even cancer pain! The other week, I had period like pain, back ache and my stomach was swollen and painful too....I was getting shooting pains too where i felt things shifting or moving. It ended up being really bad trapped wind! I was crying in pain and I don't cry with pain! 

I had intense diarrhoea then the pain started again and I kept trumping really hard and loud ones. This lasted for a week and I was going the toilet too but the pain was still there and so intense! On the 1st day it happened  couldn't walk as my lower half felt sore and painful as  I had had an op and had been stitched up...that's how it felt.

i still get painful wind now and my stomach talks really loudly all the time which is wind in the intestines apparently! I have issues with my bowls theyre sometimes loose but it's mainly urgency of needing to go....if not accidents nearly happen! So now I carry spare knickers and wet wipes just in case! I have to also use the toilet urgently for my bladder too these can come  in hand.

i dont know if this is your issue but if it is drinking hot water really helps, crouching on the floor with your bum in the air helps release gas, a hot water bottle for the pain which also helps soothe your intestines and sitting on the toilet if your trumping a lot I find it helps and thing tend to move.....I've done all these.

today I had to run to the toilet 4 times as I still get issues and I finished radio in August!

I also get really painful winding stomach ache which eventually comes out as a really loud trump....the radio and chemo stay in our systems for 6 months and radio can cause delayed issues xx

Hi ladies,

the wind and bad guts pain is the worse,all thanks

to the gift that keeps on giving radiotherapy!!!

Mint tea all the way and munching on calcium tablets

helps me.

Glad to see it not just me who spends time in that

position Carmel LOL!! Did it on the hospital bed after my

op and forgot I had no knickers on....Poor nurse got an

eye full....Not pretty...but works great for the trapped


Hope you feel better soon

Becky x

Thanks ladies, so I'm not on my own then! In a weird way it's good to know that it's normal, and nothing to worry about! Bought some green tea today, and was quite impressed that it didn't taste like I thought it would! 


Thanks again ladies, I will soldier on, farting all the way! Xx

Omg Becky I'm crying! That's something I would do! That's so funny!

it does get better but takes you by suprise! I have the urgency now when I don't get the oh I need the toilet it's I need the toilet now! That's for both xx

i have to go the disabled toilet at work when I want trump cus they're so loud! 


My cat likes to sleep under the covers and the other day she went under and slept under my bum, well when I begin to wake up my trumps start, the poor cat came out startled! She's use to the noise but not when it's on her head! Hahaha xx


Brilliant LOL!!! Thats what you have to do

laugh about it,makes it all easier to deal with.

My dog and husband are the dog

actually jumped the other day,I laughed so much

I had an accident....was worth it ;-)))

Good job they love me!!

Before I was so comfortable with my bodily functions,

I had just had my first operation,a cone biopsy,I was

young and didn't want to be farting in public so I got

up and gingerly walked to the toilet on the ward.I

passed out and went into shock(Sometimes that happens

with the cervix)nearly died.....So ....the moral of the story

is,let um out,and always carry perfume!!! Xxx

It's good that we can laugh about things like this xx

Just been reading all your posts!!! I agree all the way ....laughing is such good therapy! For what it's worth, I have now given up bread as it was causing such awful trapped wind. I can eat loads of veg, but wheat I steer clear of. 

Keep laughing.

I'm loving your use of the word 'Trump' It's making the American Presidential election campaign so much funnier :-)

im trying be polite haha I swear like  trouper really lol x

Me too Carmel, though I don't think that 'fart' counts as swearing :-)

Aw ladies, you have made me laugh, as much as it hurts lol, no it's not too bad now, bit tender to touch, and some laying positions uncomfortable, but otherwise ok, I am so relived that others have same problem, sorry that sounds awful! Lol just that I mean it's a normal thing to happen to us lot! Thanks for,the stories, advice and laughs ladies, you are all amazing! Wish we could all get together for a glass of wine or two ;) xx

Hi it's always good to hear that other people have the same issues, my parents bought me a vaporiser with lemon essential oil for Christmas, wondering if my husband had mentioned something ! But without wishing to put a dampner on things, if the symptoms persist please raise them at your appts. I experienced all those symptoms for 4 years and was repeatedly told it was normal and eventually that it was IBS. After losing 3.5 stone in a year(I was vain enough to enjoy the initial weight loss!!!) I was finally diagnosed with a restricted bowel caused by scarring from the hysterectomy and radiotherapy. The gastroenterologist was less than happy as he said it is quite a common side effect and should have been diagnosed sooner. Because of this, I had an op last Oct to remove part of the bowel, definitely something to avoid! I still have some symptoms ( hence I am rather pleased with my vaporiser-bit miffed when hubby asks me to put it on though!). But have now lost the worst of the symptoms such as the vomiting and stomach cramps. I don't want to scaremonger as probably with most of you the symptoms will naturalply fade, but had I known that this was a possible side effect I would have pushed a bit harder at my appts and possibly had a much smaller and less invasive op.