Last week of treatment


this is my last week of 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy for recurrent cervical cancer to the left overary  , I had a review with my consultant today who says he will see me again in 6 weeks time for another review.  I asked if I will be re scanned to see if treatment has worked to which to my surprise he said no because it won't change his management plan, I'm really upset about this how do I know if the cancer has gone ? What if it's still there ? And going to spread further , I kind of feel this is it and am I just going to be  left to die , don't really know what to think now or do , can I insist on another scan ,  I feel I'm in limbo is the cancer gone or not , I know nobody can me me the answers but I'm just feeling really upset right now.



I so wish I had an answer for you. Why don't you get in touch with one of the medical experts (check under Support)from jo's Trust?  They have a terrific team of experts and I am sure one of them will be able to  advise you.


stay strong,