Last Twickenham reminder.

Hi All,

This is to remind you that you have only 5 days left to get your cheques in to me for our meet in June. Several people have already sent theirs in but this is not quite enough for this meet to run. I’m sure it’s only because you’re leaving it as late as possible (that’s what I usually do!) but I have to let the Pope’s Grotto know final numbers by 8th June.

There will be some great auction items and I am told the weather will be good in June (I choose to believe them for once!!!) so let’s make the best use of it as well as raising a bit of money for our Jo’s Trust at the same time.

Please pm me for details of where to send cheques to and any other queries you may have that are not covered by the ‘sticky’ at the top of the forum board.

I hope you are all keeping well

Love, Marion.

just bumping this to the top,

    Tracey xx

:lol: Come on guys, send your cheques in.
It’s going to be great to meet! :smiley:

:smiley: Maybe for those who do want to meet maybe we could have a meal there instead if not enough people ?!? Hubby and I have booked a room for the night so want to make the most so come on girls :smiley: :smiley: ,

          Tracey xx


Come on girls!! Let’s see the colour of your money. It would be great to see you there.

Bethany x :wink: x

hi Marion
i am really looking forward to it so hope that we can get enough people to make it a great day.
Anny X

Hiya everyone.

Just seve days to deadline day.
THank you marion for organising this again.

Come on all you wonderful people lets have a bash,
anyone got a dvd camera and we can make a message for kayla - she made a surprise visit to this event last year-perhaps we canget a dvd to her.

love and peace

What a fab idea …come girls marion has put lots of effort for this,

         Tracey xx

My cheque is waiting very patiently for me to buy a stamp and get it in the post :oops: I forgot again today :oops: Won’t forget tomorrow 8) Shelley and I are really looking forward to it … come on ladies, we had a fantastic time last year and this year promises to top that, it would be such a shame if Marion had to cancel after all this effort xxxx

Hi everyone,

It’s time for me to stop hiding and get my head out of the Yarmouth sand.!!
Things have not been going to plan lately, plan A.B & C have failed and I start plan D (new Chemo) in July… Fingers crossed.!!!
Thank you to everyone who has contacted me, sorry I haven’t replied, I really have been feeling sorry for myself, I needed time to lick my wounds… But I’m back now…

Big Sis…

Cheques in the post, we wouldn’t miss it for the World… 8) 8) 8)

Love as always… Caz xxx

Hi All,

C’mon everyone, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all. My cheque’s gone already ! I’m also totally up for having a meal. Relaxed either way.

I never realised until now how much I wanted to spend time with people who had this experience in common. And also to try and give something back.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you all !!!

Pam xx

Sis!!! (aka Caz aka Cheskins),

Sooooo pleased you are back on the board and even more delighted you can make the 16th :smiley: :smiley:

Keeping fingers, toes, knees and eyes crossed that plan D works and you can start building castles on Yarmouth beach instead of sticking your head in it!!! :smiley: Can’t wait to see you again instead of just chatting on the phone.

I’m really looking forward to the 16th, so get those cheques rolling in everyone!

Love ‘n’ stuff,

Marion xxx

Cheque’s in the post as we speak :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Really looking forward to it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , maybe if we’re a few short on the numbers we could all pay a little extra on the day ??? just a thought what do you think ?

Lots of love xxx

I would be up for that Dee I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having a night away from home with just hubby.We are still going to stay at the pope have a room booked even if noboby comes.

:smiley: :smiley: Can’t wait to see you all :smiley: :smiley:

            Tracey xx

Hi Marion

My cheque is on it’s way sorry I forgot and yes Dee I don’t mind paying a bit extra if we don’t get quite enough to cover costs.

I am having a problem :? :? trying to get there last year when Pam and I came we caught a train from Bristol changed at reading and got off at Twickenham well guess what that is now no longer a possibility :x :x we have got to go all the way into London catch a tube to somewhere (cant remember where) then a train back out but change at least 4 times so can any one come up with any ideas I know Dee has been trying to think but she’s not 100% and I don’t want to keep bothering her.

Caz I am looking forward to catching up so lovely to see you posting again.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

Hi Anne,

Try going into London and catching a tube out to Richmond. I can pick you up from there easily enough if that works for you. I’ll do some homework for you. :smiley:

Love, Marion xx

Have pm’d you - you can go Bristol / Clapham junction / Twickenham. I’ve included the url so you can check it out. :smiley:

Marion. xx

Just bumping this to the top … times running out xxx

Cant wait …
How many more people do you need Marion?

Hi Michelle and everyone,

As of this mornings post (5th June) there are just 11 people paid up and confirmed so far:

Caro, Pmccorkindale (Pamela), Anny4, Tracey46 (x2), Juliao, Bethanydi, Michelle v, AliD and Dee (x2). Thankyou. :smiley: :smiley:

But I am told there are are another 6 in the post. That’s cheques, not people!! :smiley: We really need a minimum of 20 so just 3 more would be wonderful.

Come on girls - what’s happened to all those who were up for it when it was first suggested?? Time is fast running out… Please remember that any of you girls who are new here are more than welcome. Come and join in and meet the people who make up this forum.

Love, Marion