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I’ve had 2 loop treatments as my cells keep going abnormal, I’m now having a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 5 weeks, please can any one give me advice on recovery times and anything else. I’ve read loads but I’d rather know peoples stories and what really happens! I’ve booked 4 weeks off work so far but will I need longer and will the doctor at the hospital sign me off. Sorry for so many questions…:purple_heart:

Hello. I’m sorry to hear you need to have a hysterectomy.

I had a radical hysterectomy but an abdominal one in January. Laproscopic recovery is usually quicker. But hopefully my experience may help a bit.

I was in hospital for a week - you’ll usually be in less for a laproscopic maybe even just a day or two.

The hospital signed me off for either 1 or 2 weeks initially I think and then my GP signed me off for the time after that. I just spoke to my GP over the phone…there was no need for me to go into the surgery at all.

I had 8 weeks off work and went back on a phased return for another 8 weeks. I can work from home though so I didn’t have to drive and could sit how I wanted.

In hindsight I could have had longer off work…and I probably should have. I found that I felt ‘ok’ so didn’t feel like I could justify another few weeks off. But when I did go back I found I got tired really quickly and still do even months down the line. Your body has gone though a lot so it is important to pace yourself.

I would say definitely don’t run before you can walk. Over exertion, heavy lifting etc…the hospital will advise you how long to wait before trying things so try not to rush through it all. It’s better to have steady recovery than do yourself any damage.

Other top tips…

  • Gas pain can be a big deal. Nobody warned me but they pump you up with air during surgery and as it leaves your body it can be a painful experience for some people.

This was the pain I struggled most with to be honest…my advice is, if you are feeling any pain do speak to your nurses and doctors. It’s better to keep on top of pain rather than let it build up and then try to get it back down again.

  • Catheters. I had mine in for the majority of my hospital stay. With laproscopic they may send you home with a catheter. The hospital will tell you how to sort it all out but don’t be afraid to ask questions at any point.

  • Blood thinning injections. You may be sent home with these to help prevent clotting. I’m needle phobic but my husband did them for me. He watched some videos online to see how best to do them and we used Emla cream to numb the area which helped me massively. If you don’t mind needles it’s no big deal but I didn’t realise I would need them for a month after my surgery so that was a shock!

  • Hospitals can be hot. Think about your PJs…nightshirts with buttons or oversized t-shirts are probably better than pjyamas. You probably won’t want anything fitted around your stomach and if you do have a catheter, no trousers is easier.

  • Baby wipes are really handy. Also think about taking a few cleaning wipes and your own hand gel. I found that even with Covid in January my tray table for meals wasnt cleaned that regularly and whether you got an antibac wipe for your hands with dinner was hit and miss.

  • If you’ll be in for a few days maybe take some squash with you. Hospital water is room temp and a bit boring after a while!

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Thank you so much…it’s nice to know what your letting yourself in for!!