Last day today! (Children mentioned)


My name is Hannah and I am a 23 year old mum

to a beautiful little one year old boy. 

I am new to this site and forum. And basically just

wanted to see if there are others out there who share

the same similar experience I have. 

the story goes like this...

i had my little boy back in August 2014. 

he was my first baby and he didn't have the best start.

he was born not breathing and had a bleed on his brain.

he was in hospital for 6 weeks  and when he was 4 weeks

old, his dad walked out on us both and the story goes on....

Since the birth, I was experiencing bleeding every time I had intercourse  

(I went back to his dad for this as I believed he still loved me)

but anyway, I kept putting off going to the doctors as I believed

it was because id had a baby and also there was no other symptoms. 

After 8 months, I finally went to the doctors. And they said I couldn't have a smear test 

as I was too young. But referred me to a specialist at my hospital. 

I went for tests Each week. And I was diagnosed with srage 2B2 adenocarcinoMa cancer of the cervix. 

In May, I had a full hysterectomY. And was in hospital for five days. 

In July, I started 5 days a week for five weeks on external radiotherapy. 

And towards End of August. I had two internal sessions of radiotherapy. 

I dont know how I'm supposed to feel. 

or what happens next. 

I haven't cried once over finding out I have cancer. 

Because it still doesn't feel real. 

I have had the worst year ever. 

Yet I feel I have no one to talk too.

as I don't want anyone to see that I am affected by this. 

Thanks for reading. 

Love Hannah


Hi Hannah, 

It looks like we have had similar experiences - I posted my story just now on another thread. You are a bit ahead of me though, I haven't started radiotherapy yet. 

Sorry to hear you feel so lost and lonely, I hope you can feel less alone by posting here - I have been reading the forum for a while and it really helps to see that other people are experiencing similar things. 

It's totally normal to be affected by this - anyone would be - you are not a weaker person if you cry. In fact I think sometimes it can help, and make you feel stronger.

Maybe talking to a stranger would help - you could try the Jo's helpline. I think it would help a lot if you spoke to someone in person. 

Hope you feel better soon

Hi Hannah,

Blimey what a rough year you have had! I expect you're feeling completely numb. That might explain why you haven't had an emotional reaction to your cancer and your treatment. I think you are shutting it all out to protect yourself. I think Minty's suggestion of Jo's helpline might be a very good idea. Maybe they will point you in the direction of some counselling. I had counselling after my treatment and it did me a power of good. Just wanted to send you a great big hug


Be lucky :-)

Hi Hannah

Big hugs what a horrible year for you.  I think some sort of counselling would be good for you.  Have you told your family how you feel? Sometimes people we think wouldn't understand And help do.

you came to right site it's great here xxxx

Hi Hannah, big hugs and I'm so sorry for everything you've had to go through. Don't be afraid to let people in, you will be surprised how much people are willing listen, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that then this forum is a great place to let out everything you're feeling. I echo what the others have said about counselling, it's a great way to help you come to terms with everything in a safe environment without needing to tell anyone you know. Stay strong and have a little cry if you feel like it :) xxx