Last day of treatment today

I can finally say i had my last brachy today and my treatment is finally over now the waiting begins xx

Well done for getting through it all. You must be so relieved to have finished it. I've a few weeks left can't wait for it all to be over.

Hey Helpme! :-)

My final brachy was on 9th March 2012 - exactly five years to the day before yours! Many congratulations on reaching this milestone! Hope you will be celebrating in whatever way you can :-)

Be lucky :-)

I will b celebrating  when  i feel up to it  just carnt  wait 4 the cystitis  lik systoms  to go its getting  me  so down tough cookie u will soon b there  hope it all going ok x

Way to go!!! Within a week you will slowly start to notice some things going away. Then around the third week you will slowly start getting more energy. Congrats!!! 


Carnt  wait for some  of the systoms  to  go  

Don't you worry! they will go, little by little. It might be so gradual that you don't really notice but suddenly you''ll say 'Hey! I'm not feeling like s**t today! Let's go out and have some fun :-)

Be lucky :-)

To stop  havin  to run  to.loo n the pain in  my vigina  to go n i wlll b happy at min