Last chemo !!! Somewhere in the distant future the champagne corks are a poppin!

Wow last chemo was today!
I feel bad physically - tired , dehydrated etc but much better mentally! Knowing that tomorrow I’ll probably feel the worst but then things will start to get better !!!
Thanks so much for everyone’s support - I still have a week of radiotherapy but for me chemo was the worst bit for sure ! Certainly short term -
Not impressed with the menopause that seems already to be here :frowning:
But I survived 5 chemos and am really proud and if I can survive them as a big chicken with a little baby (chick ?) and a husband who sometimes is afflicted by a very relaxed attitude so can you!
The five weeks of chemo have dragged but oh my god they are now at an end as will radiotherapy be. And then the champagne corks will be popping !!! Cheering you all on you are all amazing ! Xxxx

You've done amazing!  

Well done.

The only way is up x   

You did it!  So proud of you.  The finish line is coming up and you can enjoy the summer.  Virtual party over on "post treatment"board as soon as you, Scoops and Em are finished.

Yay! You go girl!

t x

Is it really that time already! Wow!

Congrats Henrah, not far to the finish tape now :-)
Be lucky :-)

Thank you everyone ! 

so people who have had this treatment -

(and I'm glad this is my current 'worry')

how long until I will enjoy drinking a glass of champagne and be allowed to?


some very kind friends are round cooking something that smells like caramel. mmmmmm xx

Congratulations on your last chemo. way to go. My treatment will be starting in the next week or so. I'll be looking for inspiration from everyone. X 

That's great news , congratulations on your last Chemo.

Onwards & upwards for you now xx

Yay cleaning 247 ! (Hope you are not cleaning 247 btw!) 

suppose it must be over now ! That's great! I kinda feel like shit physically but so good to have the last one ! Onwards and upwards indeed !xx