Laser treatment for CIN3

Hi everyone, i attended my colposcopy yesterday after my smear test from early January showed cin3 severe dyskaryosis.
I’ve been having some symptoms (spotting between periods, heavier and more painful than usual periods) and have been quite anxious about the whole thing. The doctor said that she could see the area and was going to do lletz, however on further investigation she thought that the affected area may be too large and awkward for lletz and has instead taken biopsies and referred me to a different hospital for laser treatment.
I was just wondering if anybody has any experience of laser treatment for removing abnormal cells please? I can find a lot of information about lletz but much less about this!
Hoping to read some stories from others who have been through similar might calm my anxieties a little, thank you so much if anybody can share any information. X

Hello, I had LLETZ plus laser at the same time 2 years ago . I went private and my gynecologist is how she does it ,I had CIN3 and CGIN. The results of the Lletz were no clear margins but because she used the laser after it basically managed to take out everything that was bad.
I had 3 Colposcopys since and so far so good it looks like is worked, I am still HPV positive but really hoping to clear it soon :crossed_fingers:.
So I think laser is quite effective.
Take care and good luck