Laser or lletz (loop)

Hi Guys,

I recently had a Colposcopy (unpleasant) and was told straight away i would need treatment. I was given two options the Laser (lot more expensive) or Loop.

Just wanted to find out which treatment others have had.


Hi Kirsty, I had loop (lletz) but wasn't given an option. I found the colposcopy agony and I'm not going to lie to you, I have taken ages to get over the lletz, 3 full weeks of pain and bleeding. Though if you check the stories on here, most folk don't have the same experience as I have. Good luck whichever option you end up getting.

HI kirsty

I had the loop treatment 1wk ago tomorrow after original biopsy came back cin2. It was slightly uncomfortable won't lie, worst part for me was the local as it's injected into the cervix but it was quick and over before I knew it. I had a lovely doctor who put me at ease as best she could and talked me through everything before and during. I gave permission for not 1 but 2 students to be present (1 being a young man who looked more nervous than me haha) it's undignified it's unpleasant but it's not as awful as you've imagined but they are very quick and with them knowing it's undignified they do their best to keep your dignity in tact as much as possible. Good luck and try not to worry too much 

Hi Kirsty


I'm 31 and had LLETZ treatment this Friday just gone, following confirmation of CIN2 during a colposcopy following an abnormal smear back in January. My colposcopy ended up being on my birthday, certainly a birthday I wont forget lol (it was my first colposcopy too).

From what I've been reading online there are a number of methods all of which are effective in removing abnormal cells. I think the advantage of LLETZ is that they actually have some tissure to test further on whereas the laser destroys the tissues/cells (think I'm right on this but worth researching further). 

I had my LLETZ under local anasthetic. The LLETZ cauterises as well as cuts, and the cervix heals really well- I didn't feel a thing during the actual procedure, a little sting when they administered the anasthetic but then I was totally numb. 

I was truly terrified before the procedure - I read some really scary reviews from people who said it was painful, and many mentioned an adrenaline rush with the injection - I did not experience that - it was so bearable, I wish I hadn't got myself so worked up. Nurses were lovely and chatted to me which really distracted me. It it was quick, almost painless and so far I am recovering well (3 days post op as I type this). Had some cramps same day as the procedure but not much since then. The doctor that I had was fantastic, he was gentle, really knew what he was doing and was reassuring. 

They asked if I minded having a medical student in the room which didn't really bother me - they all have to learn don't they. 

I now have a 6 week wait until my results and hopefully I'll just need a check up smear/colposcopy in 6 months that will fingers crossed be all clear.... 

Bit annoying that I can't go running for a while as I'm training for the London marathon but hey ho.

Scary time though, rollercoaster of emotions, been relying on friends and family to support me. Boyfriend is trying but he's not good at emotional support like this - mum's fab though, she's my rock... 

All the best with your procedures, fingers crossed for good outcomes all round