Large white area inc vaginal walls?

Hi everybody. I’ve been lurking since I got my smear result (mild abnormalities with high risk HPV) two weeks ago. I had colcoscopy yesterday. I was very lucky - I called to ask for cancellations as I am a teacher and time off is impossible, and thankfully they fit me in during half term.

Anyway… when they put the vinegar on my cervix quite a large area went white, including a small part of my vaginal wall. It wasn’t bright, obvious white. I had to ask, “does that count?” because it was mottled and not very distinct. I got upset and this point and said “does it look like cancer?” and the colcoscopist said that it didn’t. She took 4 biopsies - 2 from my cervix and 2 from the vaginal wall. She said if its CIN1 it will be watch and wait, although I’ll need to have my smears at the hospital to keep an eye on the vaginal wall. If its CIN2 or CIN3 I’ll need the cells removed under GA because of the size of the area and vaginal wall involvement.

Everybody was amazing and I’m so grateful - we live in a city with a fantastic hospital and the care is amazing. However, in my crazy head I’m also worried they were holding back and “just being nice,” ha!

So… has anybody else had a large area of abnormal cells/abnormal cells on the vaginal wall? What was your experience?

I’m staying with my mum and dad tonight and desperately hoping my post-biopsy bleeding doesn’t get any worse so I can keep them in the dark. My dad just had major surgery for cancer and I don’t think they can cope with any more drama. The only person I’ve told is my fiancé. It’s such a comfort to write all this down xx

Hi Hun,

Firstly huge hugs for you! I think we all come out of colposcopy with a mixture of emotions. 

I know it is probably impossible for you to feel any better but I would take it as a good sign. From what iv read in here the doctors do tend to be quite honest about what they see as in what kind of abnormalities & how severe they are. 

I also had full white covering on my cervix extending to vaginal walls with biopsies taken from the walls & cervix. 

My cervix turned completely white & it was obvious it was deep rooted. 

My results came back CIS for my cervix but a VAIN 3 from vaginal walls. Im not 100% but I think VAIN is the sane as CIN but just on the walls rather than cervix.

I'm having a trachelectomy on my cervix but laser treatment on the walls. I was told at colposcopy that if I needed treatment then it would be done under a GA as they can't treat the vaginal walls or close to them under a GA. 

I hope that helps some what but if your still concerned or worried just give the clinic a ring. I think we've all rang at some point so they are well used to ladies ringing for more info. 



Thank you, Johanna.  That was a really kind and comforting message!  I keep telling myself that it's actually much better to KNOW that there is a problem than wait for it to become a BIG problem, but it's hard to cope with the anxiety!


At least my bleeding has almost stopped...


I hope your treatment goes really well xx