large black tissue bleeding after lletz

I am writing as I am a bit anxious, I got diagnosed with CIN 3 and got a lletz last wednesday. I found the procedure uncomfortable but not overally painful. However it has been a week and I still struggle with movement. The doctor said they did have to remove a large area so I would be sore for a few days, however I have now been off work for a week due to discomfort more than pain. I have had some yucky black gunk coming out with some small pieces but nothing really unusual. Sorry to be disgusting but today as I was doing a number 2, a large black lump of tissue about the size of my thumb came out. Since then I have been throbbing and stinging. Is this normal? Is this the scab? Should the scab be coming off after 7 days?


I had my Lletz under GA on the 10th Feb for Cin3 and it was a pretty big area they said. I didn't have any black tissue but I did have quite a lot of a charcoal like substance after a few days. In my second week I did start to get some sort of tissue but it wasnt black. I think its probably quite normal, especially with a large area having been removed but the throbbing and stinging shouldnt be so bad. It may be an idea to go see your GP as it could even be an infection.

I had an infection after the first week. My symptoms were a horrible smelling discharge and heavy bleeding but everyone is different and you could just be expressing slightly different symptoms.

I was in a lot of discomfort for a week after so I think again that could just be because the area was so large. We all deal with these things differently. I have a very low pain threshold so I had a week off work too.

Hope you feel better soon xx

thanks fiona. I have been trying to get through to the health advisor all morning to get some advice. The discharge is not smelly which is why I haven't thought of infection but it may be worth while getting it checked. Have to admit ive been afraid to move incase I tear the scab and would rather take a week off and get myself better


I got my lletz done on the 26th, are you still waiting ont the results of the biopsy from 10th Feb?

Yeah its probably best to get checked out. I just told the doctor my symptoms and he prescribed me with antibiotics, he didn't need to do an exam which was a relief.

I had my biopsies on the 9th December, which came back CIN3 and then I had my lletz on the 10th February. Still waiting for results though to see if they have managed to remove it all.

All this waiting is getting really frustrating now :( xx

I am a school teacher so really cant go back to work until I feel 90% as I'm standing all day.

Its the waiting that I think has the biggest effect on people. You've had to wait a long time. I had my first smear at 25 on 11th feb which came back high grade dsykaryosis, I then got my lletz on the 26th feb where the doctor said after the colopsy it was clearly CIN3 and would I be happy here going ahead with lletz even though it would be pain due to the area affected, I hate general anathestics so I was quite happy. They said the results of the lletz biopsy should come around 2 weeks and its killing me the wait, just praying it is CIN3 and they've got clear margins.


Hope you get you results soon 



Your definitely doing the right thing staying off. I had nearly a week off and I was struggling to sit down never mind stand up all day.

It has been a very long wait, my original smear was the 20th November so its been going on a long time. Been waiting over 3 weeks for Lletz results so hopefully not much longer to wait now.

I hope you get your results soon too! The waiting is awful and I know I spent the first week fretting about them even more because I didn't have work to distract me.

Lets hope we both get some nice post in the next few days with the lovely words "clear margins" in there! :) x

yes keep me updated :-)

Came home to a letter from the hospital.

They don't like to be very informative but it says

"There is no cause for concern and we believe the treatment to have been adequate. We would like to invite you back for a colposcopy and smear in 6 months time"

So relieved its unbelievable!! xx

Awk congrats now you can relax :-)

got my results confirmed cin3, no mention if margins but said it had been all removed. Colopscopy in 6 months. Made up. Hopefully we never have to think about this again

Thats great news! Lets hope thats it for us :) xx