Large abnormal cell area + punch biopsy

Hi all,
I’m new here and new to cervical screening as well.

I’m 27 years old. I have a daughter i had Used mirena coil as a contraception method. I got that removed last year after that my periods have been irregular.

I never had a smear test. I did get a notification once but i think I ignored it. My husband claims i never got a notification for it.

I was referred to hospital after having irregular bleeding for 2 months then bleeding after sex started.

I had my colposcopy last week. The doctor mentioned there is large area of abnormal cells & didnpunch biopsy took 2 samples.

I asked her few times but she said she will have to wait for the results before she could tell what it is.

I have been on google & reading everything is making me crazy.

Can someone enlighten me what its meant to have large area of abnormal cells?:sweat: and why they did punch biospy.

Thanks alot

Hi! Sorry you have found yourself worried and anxious, we all know exactly how you feel!

I don’t know as much as some of the other amazing ladies here, but wanted to share my experience/knowledge on what I do know so hopefully it makes you feel like your experience is more “normal” as well. Biopsies are normal for any sort of cell change. It is routine that they take a biopsy, even multiple is not out of the norm (it seems to be that most people have at least 2 from what I’ve read, I had 2 taken). This allows them see exactly what sort of changes you have going on as the smear seems to be a baseline. It’s good to have the biopsy done because they will have a better knowledge of how to treat said changes efficiently :slight_smile:

As for the size of the area, everyone seems to be different from what I gather. I’ve read of some having a large area and it’s low grade changes and some others may have a smaller area and it’s higher grade, and vice versa. The good thing is, you can have them removed before they turn into anything worrisome.

I have put myself through the ringer and honestly it was Google that lead me there. Someone on this forum (and my doctor) advised me the worst thing you can probably do is Google. It leads to fear 90% of the time. I’m doing my best to stay off of it as much as possible.

I’m not sure where you are, seems that some places in the world have a longer wait time for results on biopsies and test results, but I hope you get yours soon and it will put your mind at ease soon! This forum is amazing and has definitely helped me from the moment I found out my smear results.

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I had a large area of abnormal cells reaching close to my uterus and it was high grade severe abnormal that required a cone biopsy to remove it as the leep treatment couldn’t get at it because of the large area infected… It can be easily removed. The doctor knew just by looking at my cervix before the biopsies and coloponski referral that my cervix was NOT normal. If it is high grade, a doctor can tell just by the look of your cervix when they are looking inside.