Hiya everyone, i know this is not directly cervical related, but the consultant i see about by dyskaryotic cervix has sugested i have a laparascopy to inestigate my irregular bleeding and severe abdo pain etc. i have my pre-op assessment a week today. However i dont know what to expect from that, and also what to expect after the laparoscopy either...will i need time off work? if so how much, i do alot of manual handling, i know this is stuff i can ask next week but i would like to give work some idea of whats going to happen. Thank you xx

Hi darling , I just had a laparoscopy in 26 th of sept. unfortunately they could not find the cause of my lump or why I have abdominal pains , all they could see was my organs and muscles inflated :)) ! They gave me steroids injection to reduce the swelling . I know it sounds stupid , but initially they thought its hernia !! The procedure itself its not that painful . I had a big incision from my belly bottom throw my abdomen and ended up with 9 staples which I just had them removed!! It is done under GA , and it takes about 40 min , then you’ll be waking up in the recovery room, they’ll give you morphine or tramadol , for pain, depending how you are feeling! I ended up in hospital for full night as my oxygen levels were very low after the surgery and I could not pass weather .( it’s one of the main requirements to get discharged) . I took a full week of work , as I was on tramadol and I could not move that much around, plus I’m working in an office and I just couldn’t stay 8 hours on the chair !! After laparoscopy you’ll have pain in your shoulders and belly , it’s due to the gases that they put inside, but in 3 days the pain go away , only the incision pain is unconfortable . I was told for 4 weeks to take it easy, no lifting , not to do any hard work. Everyone is different , my friend for example went back to work after 3 days . I hope it helps. Just listen to your body and you’ll know what you have to

Thank you for replying thats helped a lot, I really hope they can find what the cause is because I don’t think I can continue with things the way they are. I hope your steroid injections work for you! Xx

Hi Megan
I’m booked for a Laparoscopy to as I have unexplained abdominal swelling, abdominal pain & an enlarged lymph node near my right hip! I’m hoping for some answers fingers crossed, my gynae thinks it could be endometriosis! The funny thing is that a lot of us who’ve had high grade CIN & HPV seem to have symptoms yet doctors disagree :roll:
Good luck with your op


Thanks Gemz, good luck to you too. Yes my doc says I’ve got symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis so I think he’s a bit confused at whats going on

Thanks Megan
I had a hormone level test done so they doubt mine is pcos but I do have symptoms like excess hair growth etc was also tested for pid which was negative, hopefully this op will show up something if not its back to the Cocodamol on the bad days! Lol xx

Hey Ive been reading your messages on here and they’ve been helpful, thank you. I have my lapascopy this Thursday after discomforting pelvic pain and back pain since May this year. My doc thinks its endometrosis but i dont know if he as just running out ideas of what it could be as they’ve tried diagnosing me with Appendicitis, PID and Kidney stones, all of which mimics Endo. Its going to be a relief, but I have never been in hospital for a procedure before, so I am really scared. I’ll be happy to fast forward to Friday right now…
If anyone else has any advice they can give me as a newbie to medical procedures, I would be really greatful :smiley:

Good luck with the procedure, hope you get the answers you need xx

I worked with challenging behaviour adults when i had a laparoscopic procedure. I took just over a week off in total as my scars were only keyhole. I was in and out as it was done as a day procedure but I remember being very fragile for a few days.
Hope you get some answers after the procedure X

Thank you,
I found out last night my laprascopy is on wednesday xxx