ladies with borderline glandular on smear / cgin

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to ask when yous were referred for colposcopy after a glandular diagnosis on your smear was the problem area seen with colposcopy? I got my smear back which was “a typical glandular cells” and was referred for colposcopy 2 weeks ago. on my notes it had “borderline” and “possible fungal infection” during the colposcopy he said to the nurse that he doesn’t believe it’s a cancerous area. Im obviously still concerned though and don’t understand how glandular cells can be seen on the surface of the cervix when theyre supposed to be further up? any info much appreciated ladies. Thanks so much!!

anyone? Frown

My smear early last year showed high grade cgin (glandular) and cin3. 

I had a loop biopsy which came back with unclear margins, confirming cin3, cgin and smile,  so had a second loop 6 weeks after the first which luckily came back clear. 

I had my 6 month follow up smear 2 weeks ago and am currently waiting on the results. 

I was told it was unusual for a smear to show cgin as the cells are normally higher, at my smear two weeks ago they did two, the normal one and one which went higher into the cervical canel. 

CGIN is no more likely to be cancer than cin, it's still pre cancerous changes just the glandular kind, my results were regerred to mdt meetings both times which prolonged the waiting but at least I knew they were looking after me and I felt reassured the the decisions on the next treatments were being taken by a group of doctors. 

Im worried my recent smear is going to come back the same, as they have taken cells from higher. 

Had you had youre colopispy yet?