Ladies who have had chemorads - post treatment scans

Hello everyone. Firstly let me say that I have been a member for a while and have posted once I think. But I’m on most days for help and inspiration and these ladies have helped me so much without even knowing. I’d like to tell my story (its a bit long but persevere if you can!). One thing I noticed was when things are really f**cked up and everything seems hopeless, there just isn’t enough positive stories. I hope mine is one and it can at least give some peace to people.
I was diagnosed August 2020. Stage 2b Grade 3. I was late with my smear and had usual bleeding after sex and a terrible discharge. My diagnosis was a terrible shock. Did 5 weeks chemo rads. Terrible scarring, no chance of sex, kidney stents, stomach problems, bladder the lot. 3 month scan was positive but an area of concern was showing in a different part. Scan at 6 months was clear. Finally I could relax. At 9 months I had just a physical exam and was happy the consultant could get in there lol! All looked good. I then had a kidney scan and was told that due to scar tissue my left kidney was not functioning and may need it removing. A minor set back but no cancer so yay! Finally I had my one year pet ct and Mri scan on 20th December 2021. In January I got the worst news possible. My cancer was back in the para aortic node with a cluster of others. I was devastated and my worst fear had come true. As I did not have lymph node involvement previously I was able to have further chemo rads so I did another 5 weeks and had my abdomen zapped. I have other issues from previous treatment and menopause so have been living in terror. Treatment ended on 21st March. Prognosis of successful treatment for my recurrence is not good and I scoured everywhere but mostly this site for positive stories of which there are a few.
I’m finally at my point…today at 4.30 my oncologist told me I had a complete response to treatment and am cancer free. Scans down to yearly with physical exams in between. I dont know what the future holds and I know I am high risk for a further recurrence but my oncologist is confident and I am cautiously optimistic but if it does return I will deal with it but for now I will bask in the relief of a clear pet scan and breathe again for a while at least. I hope this can bring some comfort to anyone going through the same. Its so hard, stressful and sad but today is the first day of the rest of my life. And I’ve finally plucked up the courage to tell you all my story!


Thank you Beany for sharing - how wonderful that you are finally cancer free. It is such an encouragement to the rest of us. Here’s hoping for long life and health and yes - this is the first day of the rest of your life! :tada:

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Thank you @Jacks133. I’ve been following your story and you’re always an inspiration to people despite your own troubles. Hope you are doing ok x


Thank tou for sharing your story! Congratulations on that wonderful news. I know your story will help many others

Thanks @Shammy716 . Also been following your story and hope all goes well for you. Got everything crossed x

@Jacks133 @Shammy716 sending you positive vibes and thinking on you :heart:

Hi ladies so I have my post treatment scan on Tuesday. I’m so scared, cannot stop thinking about getting my results. It’s making me ill with worry. Any advice to get through this next hurdle? Xxx

Hiya. I’ve just had mine and I had about a week between the scan (which was originally cancelled) and the results appointment. Its not easy and there is no magic potion to help with your anxiety. It was terrible for me but I did get to the point where I had to just put it away at least for a few hours a day. Are you back at work? I was working 2 days which helped and spending time with family. Shopping and coffees galore. Just keep busy if you can. Distraction with favourite films etc and try not to overthink anything. I had a terrible pain in my upper left abdomen and convinced myself it was suspicious along with lots of other issues. Since my results the pain had gone. The mind is an amazing thing. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it (I was) but try and think positive. I really believe it helps. Good luck and everything crossed for you x

Hi Beany, before my 4-month scan I had the same upper left abdomen pain and after receiving the results it slowly faded to nothing, how weird is that!