Ladies who have had chemorads - post treatment scans

Amazing news Leahlouise! All clear! Fantastic!! I do hope the bowel issues start to resolve as your body heals xxx


Im thrilled for you! :kissing_heart:

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Hi May, I’m sorry just seen this…Congratulations, I am so so happy for you…You deserve this!! Lots of love xxx

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Thank you lovely. How are you? Did you have your scans yet? Sending you much love.xx

Hi girls!

My story:

Nov 21-diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 1.1cm (biopsy); MRI confirmed cc 1b

Dec 21- started treatment: 5 weeks cisplatin, 28 external radiation, 3 brachyterapy

1feb 22 i finished treatment

11 april 22 my first MRI post treatment confirmed : NED

… but now i’m worried because i struggle with something new: after brachy my vagina was very dry ( i understud it’ s normal); but now ( by a month already) it is very moisturised ( almost all the time- whithout using any products).It’s like ovulation period all the time.

Is this normal? Do you have something like this?

I have noticed I can go from feeling things are dry - twingy irritated kind of feeling to feeling like things are almost well too damp? Naff explanation but im sure you get it. I notice the dryness particularly on the 1/2 days before im due to use my vaginal HRT. Im pretty sure that this all part of the menopause. But dont be frightned to contact your team or GP

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Thanks Shammy. I just hope that adenocarcinoma is gone, that what i feel is not a sign of cancer.

Why would being ‘moist’ be a sign of cancer? Some moistness and discharge is normal, I am told - even a healthy vagina should have it’s own lubrication. As it was adenocarcinoma there may be a bit of residual fluid that is leaking out? If you have started to use your dilators this also may make you more moist, as you’re using lubricant and stretching the tissues, which is good. Any worries though, sound out your CNS - it’s what they are there for!

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Thank you, Jakcs133.

I will speak with my doctors next week.
But is good to hear your experience.
You girls are amazing. :heart_eyes:

Yes, do. I got worried because I had a little clear discharge after starting dilators and the CNS said it was normal to have some discharge - a sign of a health vagina. Prior to the cancer treatment I was extremely dry, being on the other side of the menopause, and apart from when I started the pink discharge I’d had nothing at all for years. Apparently this was unusual and a sign of vaginal atrophy and dryness… But I did phone to check because we can’t help but worry…

Hello May. Thanks for asking, no I am due my scan at the beginning of June so just keeping fingers crossed. My 6 - 8 week check up was very encouraging though. I’ll keep you posted. Bye for now, hugs xxx

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Hi Ana,

It’s definitely a lot of getting used to with our new normal particularly w our vagina. Mine is shorter although I’m hoping the dilators will help somehow I am patiently working on the dilators and was able to progressed to the biggest girth-wise but I still get discharge even pink blood stained discharge sometimes after the dilators. I’ve got quite scarring down there which the doctor confirmed and was advised to just keep at it and was told it’s normal as everything down there is still healing and the discharge and even blood stained discharge is a sign of scarring breaking up and was told normal as well. I think given our circumstances it’s good that you’re moist down there than feeling very dry. Sending you much love. xx

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Thanks beautiful girls.
Today i was to see the doctor. It seems it’s normal what i feel, my vagina is recovering.

So i am very happy cause i’m Ned.


Fantastic news!!!

So I should be due my 6 month MRI around the 23rd of this month. I’ve not had any contact as of yet. I tried to ring my CNS. She’s still on leave. Its been quite a while. I hope she’s ok however im getting frustrated. My GP closed early so I couldn’t check to see if any info was on my electronic notes.
Doesn’t help the anxiety levals

So ive managed to get a hold of someone lol! 6 month MRI is on Thursday 26th May, thats on the nose with timing thank goodness.

Scanxiety time again!


Shammy716 I wish you good luck on your MRI.
I hope it will be just fine.

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