Ladies who are having a hysterectomy- some tips for you


I am a week post hysterectomy and I thought j would share some tips that I used or wish I used:

wind tablets - essential if you are having key hole and even if you don't I would as wind pain is horrible

constipstion tablets I would take one the first night

light dressing gown as it's warm on the wards

Travel size bathroom bag - the next day I couldn't lift anything especially my full sized bath bag. I would recommend having a shower as soon as they say it's ok to get up as much as you might not want to it makes you feel so much better 

Ear plugs noisy ward and other patients. Head set and I found watchinh the TV a good distraction and don't think I could have watched a film. the TV was free 8-12 in my hospital. Magazines again I wouldn't have wanted to have read a book 

Drink lots of water

Pack of biscuits - even if it's for your partner as long time for them. Maybe book and crossword for them 

Ask them for a spare pair of surgery stockings or when they change them ask them to keep dirty pair you have to wear them for weeks and I only have one set so constantly washing them 

hair brush I nearly forgot mine and was nice to freshen up 

make up I didn't use mine mind due but some people said nice to make themselves feel better by looking better 

do your hair nice the day of the op so hopefully lasts longer dry shampoo if your hair gets greasy

might sound silly but I got a pedicure no varnish as you tend to see your feet more either feet up and the lovely surgery stockings are toeless so having nice feet cheered me up also do any normal beauty things you would normally couple of days before too

pillow for journey home in car

meals for your return in freezer or ask family

hair ties 

sanitary towels the nhs ones are horrible

a plastic bag to put dirty washing in (hopefully that extra pair of stockings lol)

Your own big towel I was glad I had my own things 

Tidy house and change beds show partner how to do things you normally do or where things are.  My husband asked for a list of things to do as I didn't have to verbally nag him then ha! Create a nice space in your room de clutter etc it was lovely to get home to nice room. I put a big wooden bowl to put all my medication in one place and on my bedside table. 

stock up with food shopping

On the day of the operation I felt so calm and I think you need to give yourself a pep talk. The first couple of days are hard but honestly say a week on I am feeling ok and would ask you not to worry as it's an operation they do so many times they know what they are doing.

Be nice to the nurses, I heard some people be v rude to them, they are only trying to do their job.  They work long hours too.  Also you might be treated better if you are nice too. Ps I am not a nurse lol 

Try and plan something nice for a few weeks after something to look forward to whether it's a nice meal or having some friends round

warn people in advance re visiting I had 14 visitors at home on Sunday some didn't call to check they were coming. It was fab to see them but I was so tired. 

Accept help if people offer to do things do let them, I have found this hard but necessary.  

I think that's everything if I remember anything else I will post. Hope it helps xxxx


Hi Sarah,

Glad you are doing well. I'm sure ladies going for hysterectomy will find your list super helpful. I wanted to say that flight socks you can but in the shops for long haul do the same job as those highly attractive TED stockings so it might be beneficial to send the hubbie out!! 


Hi Rach

Good idea! 

 Been thinking of you. How are you?

hopefully not many more weeks of treatment for youxxx

Gosh, I had no idea the stockings had to stay on for that long! Good tip. Today at pre-op I grilled the nurse about my bowels ;-) and also about catheter. And swollen labiea. She must have thought I had an obsession. thankfully she said they give lots of medication for bowels. She was catey about the swelling.

Also I have been given a bag of sort of protien and pre-op drinks.

I have been wondering how you are, thanks for these tips, I am half terrified and half fascinated. Did you have a spinal before going to sleep in theatre?


I'm good thanks Sarah. Just exhausted all of the time!! Am over half way now, 2 weeks 1 day to go. The only thing that's causing me issues us my veins. They are just not recovering between treatments so got to have PICC line for last couple of weeks. Had MRI last week and results of that were incredibly positive so all a small price to pay really.

Looking forward to eventually feeling a bit more like me. Think I've forgotten what that feels like now. 

Rach xx

Some great ideas Sarah. I go in on Monday for rad hy & removal of lymph nodes. I am slowly getting scared but still running around having fun with the kids. Thanks for the tips x

Good luck ladies for next week you will be fine please don't worry. Just make sure you get lots of strong pain killers to take home too as you shouldn't feel any pain. I didn't ask for strong ones so had to ring my doctors and they prescribed tramadol which I only used occasionally. But don't be a trooper take strong ones to be pain free.  Xxx

ps no I had total hysterectomy and didn't have spinal or pre op drinks they vary things from hospital to hospital from what I habe read. 

Extra pillows for sleeping have been useful to help me sleep under legs I had two pillows in a pillowcase and an extra one as slept better slightly raised. Someone said a body pillow would be good but I had given mine away 


Hi Sarah

Thanks for these tip's they're really helpful. Hope you are ok


Hi Nic no problem one more tip maxi dresses I have lived in them the soft cotton ones. Xxx