Lack of sensation

Hello ladies, 

I'm roughly 11 weeks out of chemorads /brachy. I am waiting for my scans etc but feeling really full of energy. Tummy troubles are near on gone apart from when I eat high fiber or spicy/hot food then I just go more often. I'm continuing to do dilation and even have sex with no shrinkage. However, I know I should feel happy, content and pleased to be here but my vagina/clitoris is practically numb. I mean I can feel something up there but there's no sensation/sensativety. Every time I do have sex with my husband I just feel even more depressed and wonder what the point is apart from physio! I'm becoming even more disheartened and stressed. Orgasim is like a whisper of disappointment. 

Has anyone else had this?

If so will it come back?

Is it my hormones?

Can doctors/gynae/physio help?

I have mentioned this to my cns and they tell me it's early days... 

I'm on hrt. 


Hi Harvitt

Sounds to me like your recovery is going astonishingly well.  I agree with your CNS that it's early days, I would say VERY early days - only 11 weeks.  It was about a year before I recovered clitoral sensitivity albeit I was so overwhelmed with my bladder and lymphoedema problems that sexual issues were not really on my mind to start with.  I have seen a  women's health physio and a psychosexual counsellor  and both were helpful regarding my sexuality. 


Hi, thanks Jazza for the reassurance.

It's not the forefront of my mind, but I suppose it's just gaining back what's mine and some normality to my life. I suppose I just want to make sure I can be 'normal' again - forgetting about dilation and slapping on loads of lube and also the more serious matter of what the diagnosis was and meant. 

I lost a lot of sensation when having sex after my hysterectomy and it hasn't returned. However, I bought a Womanizer (the ones Lilly Allen promotes) and it's been a game changer. It is solely for clitoral stimulation. I'd definitely recommend one, it certainly helped me.

Good luck, it's hard to take the loss of sensation hit especially after treatment and all those emotions we go through.