Labour symptoms after radical tracelectomy

hi. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant after a radical trac in 2009 and 6 years of IVF. I have a c section booked for 38 weeks but my consultant has stated that I am unlikely to go that far. 

how did you ladies know when baby was coming? was it contractions? bleeding? waters breaking? and how quickly was baby delivered once you reached the hospital. 

i feel like I'm living on a knife edge!




Amazing news. Your doctors will want to be delivering before you go into labor. I was scanned (internal) every two weeks in my last pregnancy and got to 38 weeks and my planned c section with no problems at all. They are going to do the same with this pregnancy (currently 21 weeks) I have a tac after a trachelectomy In 2013.

Im sure they are keeping a close eye on you. Make sure you keep your notes on you if you are going away from home and have a number to hand of your consultant.

If you start feeling anything unusual then go straight to a&e

good luck. If you are not a member already, look for the group UK TAC support on Facebook.  All TAC ladies ( mostly not due to trachelectomy though) 

keeping everything crossed for you 



Thank you and congratulations to you too!!

i Was scanned fortnightly up until 25 weeks to check that the stitch was holding and now I’m scanned every 4 to check baby’s growth. 

Can I ask how your first baby was delivered? i have to have the classic vertical c section And I’m a little concerned about the recovery process as I’ve heard it’s quite a nasty procedure.

I had a horizontal c section across the bikini line. Recovery from that was ok, I found the Tracelectomy much worse.

I was in hospital for 3 nights which was pretty rough as it’s difficult to get in and out of bed to feed and pick up the baby etc and my husband wasn’t allowed to stay overnight in hospital (might be worth checking if yours does) but to be honest I’ve totally forgotten now about the recovery process as i was in baby cloud cuckoo land when I got home! 

So no matter how long the recovery takes, you will soon forget all about it once the baby is here and just get your family and friends to help out as much as possible.