how is it some have their treatment under LA or GA, do people get given options?  I had colposcopy and now awaiting treatment for abnormal cells.  Also what sort of time frame could it be until I get my appointment.

I went for my colposcopy appointment and they did the LLETZ treatment there and then only a week after I received my smear test result - was very impressed.  I am now waiting for my results which can take up to 4 weeks. I believe they will always do it under Local if they can as a general take the procedure to a whole new level.

Hi Tashie

I had the LLETZ done on Friday under GA. My consultant want to do it under GA on me for two reasons - 

1. I was extremely anxious at my 1st colposcopy appointment. And 2. She said it was a large area quite close to the vagina wall so she wanted to be sure to get it all and that would have been difficult if I wasn't put to sleep... 

I hope that helps in some way...

The actua procedure it's self isnt bad at all... For me it's the waiting for the results that are killing me... Good luck with yours Hun... Tou will be just fine... 

Lots of love xxx

I had the lletz done there and then at my colposcopy too under local. Awaiting results. It's not as bad as you think it's going to be. X