koilocytosis???? anyone???

I've had treatment for CIN1, CIN2 and HG CGIN with lletz and then a cone biopsy last year. 

One subsequent smear was borderline and the most recent one has come back normal but the biopsy (from an area that looked abnormal to the Dr) shows koilocytosis (??????).  Confusing!

Has anyone had koilocytosis??  Have you had a proper explanation from the Dr?

What is the significance after a previous borderline result??? Does it show regression of symptoms??  I'm apparently HPV neg....but always worried about CGIN recurrance....

My GP is next to useless and you can never get appointments, so I won't get any quick explantions from them......

thanks xxx



firstly congratulations on the clean smear - hoping I get the same result on my next one!!

I went privately for my treatment and therefore had to get my medical report from the GP - which mentioned Koliocytosis on my smear as well. As far as I am aware these are very very minor changes which are consistant with either current or past HPV infection. They are minor and dont even indicate a borderline smear so I wouldnt worry to much

If you google there are a few sites which may help (not the scare mongering ones!)

Cat x 

Hi Cat


Thanks for the response!  I have been hoping that is the case....just lingering cells from the earlier infection, hopefully on the mend now.


Good luck too. Wishing you good health!