Koilocytosis?!?!?! Anyone? Results in detail?

Hey ladies, I'm almost sick of this confusion I have.

let me explain from the beginning (already posted many times lol) okay so I had my first ever smear in October which came back abnormal and said 'low grade dyskariyosis' and evidence of HPV. I was referred for a colposcopy. Anyway, cut a long story short - at my colposcopy she said upon examining my cervix 'I think it's just the HPV virus that's present' basically staying that she 'couldn't see much' but she took 2 biopsies anyway just to check. These were then sent off for further examination. I received my results from the biopsy which said 'CIN1' and that no further treatment was needed and referred me back to my gp in 12 months time for a repeat smear. I was relieved that it was nothing worse but I was also confused as to why they decided to leave it a year an that HPV wasn't mentioned from the biopsy results? However, I phoned my surgery and asked for a copy of my pathology report and this is what it says

'cervical biopsies x2.

Macro: 3 fragments of tissue measuring up to 4mm.

Cytology: low grade dyskariyosis, high risk HPV, 17.10.2013.

Colposcopy: HPV.

Histology: cervical biopsy showing CIN1 and Koilocytosis. 

Now, why hasn't HPV been mentioned in the biopsy if they check to everything? And why wasn't I aware or been told that I had 'Koilocytosis' I have never even heard of this?! And I'm not willing to go googling anything so I have booked an appointment with my gp to discuss my details further as I am so confused!! Can anyone shed any light? It would be so appreciated! Thank you. Xxx

Hi Hun, what I know is that it's like cell changes but nothing to worry about. They only worry what Cin it is, omg why do they not tell us in simple terms. 

And that is the exact reason they do not give you the lab report as its in medical terminology. Koilocytosis is the cell changes caused by HPV. So you have CIN1 and HPV. Hope that helps

I am aware that I have CIN. What I'm confused about though is why the HPV was not mentioned in my biopsy results or Koilocytosis. It's only until I asked for a copy of the pathology report that I found out about Koilocytosis. So I'm also wondering why is wasnt mentioned. 

Thanks ali! Hopefully they just go back to normal :) it's frustrating that they don't explain everything! Argh. I've had to follow up a few times with questions as they've left me with confusion. Xxx

You were already told you had HPV at your smear. So they knew you were already aware. Koilocytosis IS HPV which you already knew you had its just the medical term. Maybe they didnt want to go over worrying you by mentioning it again.

Koilocytosis isn't actually 'hpv' itself. It's a discoloration of cells that are USUALLY caused by HPV. Koilocytosis can also be caused by another medical problem if you're HPV negative. But Koilocytosis and HPV are not actually the same thing. They're just linked in the majority of cell changes.

Also, false positives in HPV are common. This is why I was also confused whether I actually have HPV or not as it was only mentioned once. I can't help but feel as though you are being a little rude with your replies. I am fully aware of what I have been told, but that still leaves much confusion, as it does with many other women. There is a lot that is unknown about HPV.

Hi i am sorry if i have offended you answering your question. I was tryong to be helpful. You said you had booked a GP appointment and as i am sure you are aware the NHS is stretched and you would be turning up for an appointment to be told what you had been previously. Also your colposcopist has graded you, and told you no treatment needed, this should be enough reassurance, and the fact you are having a smear in 12 months is good but also reassuring that they are confident you will rid yourself of HPV and are keeping an eye on it. If you have a lack of faith in your colposcopist and GP that you need lab reports maybe request a second opinion. Also HPV can rear its ugly head after things such as pregnancy and childbirth when you have strain put on your immune system etc and your body will put it into remission again after a few months. Have a little faith in your bodys capability. Stress wont help.

I wasnt being rude so i am sorry you took it like that

Ladies, we are all here for each other !! 

love and peace !!!

I did have my smear test 12 weeks after my little boy was born and it was also a traumatic birth so maybe that is why now I have CIN1 and HPV present? I only hope it doesn't progress. It's okay, you didn't offend me - I may have read into it wrong but it just seemed to across a little rude that's all :) no harm done. All here for each other x