Kidney stent

So I've been told that I need to have a kidney drain and then a stent fitted. Everything I'm reading is making me nervous about the pain etc. 

so my question is what is everyone's experience who have had a kidney stent fitted and how painful was it? 

Hi Nic

I don't have any experience of a kidney stent but, as you haven't had any replies yet,  thought I would mention that you could look up some historic posts by typing  'kidney stent' in the search box at the top right of this page.


Jazza I was just going to say the same. I've had a look and there are several posts on their. 
Sorry Nic, I don't have any experience of a stent either. Even if some of the posts are a little old, maybe you could private message some of the ladies to get an answer to your question. Sorry you're having to deal with this. I hope you get answers soon. 
x Maria

Sad news. Is it really impossible to undergo chemotherapy with other drugs? Surgery is not feasible?


on Russian YouTube there is such video:

It is called "Oncogynecology: surgery, chemotherapy for cervical cancer".

In this video, doctors from Moscow discuss research on the treatment of cervical cancer, clinical cases of patients of a doctor from Samara.

Among the clinical cases of a doctor from Samara, there is a story of a patient born in 1951. The patient has type 2 diabetes, grade 3 hypertension. In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer. The growth of the tumor could not be stopped until February 2019, because treatment was interrupted due to other health problems and because the tumor did not respond to chemotherapy drugs. The tumor did not respond to chemotherapy where paclitaxel+carboplatin, topotecan were used, when the patient was given IVS with isphosphomide+urotecan+Avastin, the tumor stopped growing. By this time the patient already had nephrostomy and sigmostoma.

Doctors from Moscow recommended that this patient also add immunotherapy drugs for further positive dynamics (in the PDL study). The video contains a reference to the Keynote 158 study and the drug Pembrocuzimab. The patient's condition on the ECOG scale was not lower than 3. As of the summer of 2020, the patient insisted on continuing treatment.

During treatment, the patient had her nephrostoma replaced. Doctors assessed the woman's condition as satisfactory.



I know a girl with a 6 cm tumor. She underwent chemotherapy, and then doctors are planning an operation. I wish you strength to complete the course of treatment and stabilize / stop the cancer process.