Ki Kaha

(I posted a version of this a week or so ago which was accidentally deleted – I’m reposting it due to popular demand. Well, Kath asked for it anyway.)

I work with a real action man. He’s ex-military and has pushed himself to overcome serious challenges to achieve some pretty amazing feats. A few years ago he broke his neck, yet he recently rowed the Atlantic and is now gearing up to run the equivalent of 45 marathons in 45 days. Bonkers.

Anyhow, we aren’t really friends but when he learnt about my diagnosis he sent me a really supportive message including his own coping mechanisms, which I thought I would share with you to use (or ignore) as you wish.

He says:

• Play what you see in front of you, don’t get bogged down with things that haven’t happened yet and don’t waste time on what could happen. Concentrate on the here and now

• Focus 100% on the mission

• Have no outside distractions

• Visualise every conceivable scenario and how you are going to deal with it

• Distance yourself from negativity

• See humour in what you are doing, even in tough times

• Be confident in your own ability. It’s ok to be arrogant here!

• Always have something to make you laugh/smile

• Make a list of things you are going to do when this is all over and then make sure you stick to your list

I’m not quite as ‘ruffty-tuffty-grrrr’ as him so I would add one more of my own; “Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the odd wobbly moment, just don’t surrender to fear.”

By the way, ‘Ki Kaha’ is his motto. It’s Maori for ‘go hard’ (!). I am now picturing us all fronting up to CC with an All Blacks style ‘haka’…

Hi Rosehip - missed this first time round o thatnks for re-posting and for replying to my post.  This is sooo dead on and I will keep this all fresh in my mind..I also really liked your addition - this is particularly applicable at the moment and I feel better now.  The fight is our main priority in the her and now isn't it and the gloves are well and truly off for tomorrow.  Thanks for picking me up again Rosehip.  How are you doing? MRI done?  How did you find it?  The noises absolutely terrofied me if I'm honest.  I see you are discussing qith the oncologist today - do let us know the outcome.

 Sorry I'm really struggling with the site and following posts right you know how to subscribe?  I liked the emails being sent to my phone as could read updates as they came through but not working for me right now.

Hi Rosehip and Andrea

Well done in all your positive posts.:)

Thankyou for reposting this  Rosehip , i read it first time you posted it and it gave me such strengh to deal with such a scary time.

I agree Andrea about navigating the new site. sure we will get used to it but suddenly my posts have no grammar or spaces  lol!

Best wishes to you both and Ki Kaha!!


Hi Rosehip

Thank you for your post - I didn't see it first time round either.  I think its relevant for the 'journey' after treatment ends too - the stage I'm at now!  Good luck Andrea for your first treatment tomorrow.  I had same treatment as you.  very best wishes x