Kenya Cycle Race

I have always wanted to do something to celabrate my journey and triamph over CC. Having been diagnoised in 2003 with stage 3 CC and going through the mixed emotions of chemo, radiotherapy So while reading my friends magazine an advert for a cycle event in Kenya (No 1 on my wish list of places to visit) to raise funds for Jos Trust I knew this was it. so I went home and registered and signed up for cyclise classes at the gym, requested a bike for my Birthday Present and am forming my sponsership pages. Is there anyone else taking part because it would be great to get in touch x
Anyone who is interested in sponsering me I will be sorting out a justgiving page and will post the details soon

Hi there

Yes I’m doing it, what group are you in? I’m in group 1 going next October. Started fundraising but haven’t really been able to do much training yet!

love Kelli x!/group.php?gid=110856288954160