Just when your coping

just when you think your starting to get your head around the wait for results until the 9th, the biopsy nurse rings to say that because and I quote "I sounded anxious when we last spoke" she has made  me an appointment for Friday. So my results are back, this she confirmed, but wouldn't say a thing over the phone. Apparently it will be easier to talk at the appointment which is now Friday lunchtime. I appreciate that they do a fantastic job and it can not be easy for them to do it day in and day out but if I sounded anxious last week, I'm now a wreck. 3 days of half term to get through, without falling apart in front of my 3 amazing children.... The clock couldn't tick any slower


I won't tell you not to worry as I know that is a ridiculous idea. The last 3 weeks have been ridiculously slow for me and I am still waiting for my results. Instead I will just ask how you are doing today?


Goodluck for friday, ill keep my fingers crossed for you x

Good luck Erin, I hope you find something to keep you occupied today and tonight, and that you receive good news tomorrow. xxx