Just wanted to say Hi and give some reassurance xx

Hi everyone. My name is Trudy and 6 years ago I was diagnosed with 1b cervical cancer, which was then changed to 2a after a failed radical hysterectomy. I then had chemoradiation and bracytherapy. Jo's Trust was my 'life line' through this really tough time because I knew there was always someone there who understood and I always got reassurance and words of wisdom and support from other beautiful women.

My journey from then to now hasn't always been the easiest. I have had scares and fears, a broken relationship and my latest is a diagnosis of fibromyalgia BUT I am alive and so grateful for every new day and what it brings Smile I have been so lucky and my thoughts go to some wonderful people I have met along the way that weren't as fortunate as me. They have a place in my heart always xx

I really just wanted to reassure you lovely ladies that look through these forums. just like I did. that it is possible and life can be so good.

Love to you all

Trudy xxxx


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Trudy. I wish there was a 'like' button. Thanks so much, you have given me some much needed hope! Helen x

Hi Trudy

What a wonderful post!  Even though I am 18 months post op I take take great comfort for the future from your words.  Yes, this experience certainly does make you appreciate life so much more.  I wish you love, luck and happiness in abundance - you certainly deserve it.



Thanks so much for this Trudy :-) Posts like this should be pinned at the top of the page.

Sorry to hear the relationship didn't make it - it can be a rough old ride can't it.

Lots of love



Thank you for your replies. It makes me happy knowing that I can give some reassurance to you. I have just had a ct scan and it showed no abnormalities or signs of recurrence so I am very relieved. It can be a rough ride Tivoli but I have met a fantastic man, who is very understanding and caring and we are hopefully going to move on to another chapter in our lives together. Lots of love to you all

Trudy xxxxx

Hi Trudy, 

I created an account after reading your post. I have been an invisible guest on here since I was diagnosed with stage 2 b2 cc in 2003, I took a lot of comfort reading other people's experiences and you inspired me to come on here and say, All clear since 2004_ Twelve rollercoaster years but feeling better than I did before the diagnosis. 

Not saying I don't have any side effects, I do,  but none that put a dampener on the magic words CANCER FREE


So here I am to say to those starting their journey,  good luck, be kind to yourself and modern medicine can do miracles. 

Love Dee.

Thank You  Ladies for your posts I think there should be more like it. As you all know it is such a scary time and to hear your stories gives me hope that there is life after treatment will keep me going through my treatment. I start on Monday Thank you again ladies and i wish you all the very best for the future xxxx