Just wanted to say hello *waves*

Hello lovely ladies

I am fairly new to this site, you may have read a few of my posts in other boards but this is my story so far.

I had abnormal results from my routine smear test and a growth was found. I had biopsies which had shown CIN3 and some very suspicious cells and until they find out otherwise they are treating it as cancer and a minimum of Stage 1b1. I am going for a MRI and CT scan on thursday and then a examination under a general on Monday the 23rd - the day before my 30th birthday. From the scans and the procedure they hope to be able to rule out that the “cancer” hasn’t spread and be able to stage me properly. It is likely I will have a radical hysterectomy.

I really wanted to just say hello and get to know you all a little better. How are you coping with your diagnosis? I’m pretty ok about it all atm, just relieved its been caught early, but pretty sure I will have a melt down after I’ve been through surgery!

Sam xxx

HI Sam

Sorry you're going through this but glad you've found us.  It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude towards it all and are coping very well. I was 1B1 and had a trachelectomy (cervix removal) and lymph removal.  The NHS moves extremely fast and the doctors are generally fantastic - I am sure thy will have you all sorted out in no time.  To give you an idea of how quick it can be. I was diagnosed on the 6th of Jan, I was operated on, on the 6th of Feb and I got the all clear about a week/10 days later!  Stay away from google, as your questions on here and trust in your team.


N x

Hi Sam :-)

Well you're in the best place you can possibly be :-) So sorry you are having to face the possibility of a hysterectomy so young, but you have a brilliant attitude which will help enormously. I was a 2b and had a radical hysterectomy four years ago & have been fit and well ever since. I'd like to reiterate what Nellie has said - ask your questions here and stay away from Google :-)

*waves back*
Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies, I feel very grateful to have had children already so a hysterectomy for me is not too bad - had I not had children I would not have coped with all this so well. 

Im sure I will have many questions to come and glad I found Jo's. You girls have been so helpful, it's hard not to feel positive when do many of you have had successful treatment xxx 

Hi Sam

I'm another 1B1 lady! I was diagnosed on August 21st, had a radical hysterectomy on October 15th and was given the all clear on November 4th.

You really are on the very best forum if you want support and advice. The ladies on here were an absolute godsend to me whilst I was waiting for results and my op. There are also lots of positive stories too!

Lots of Love to you xxx

Hello sam ( waving to you) 

i must say you are an incredible brave lady and dealing with your diagnosis so calmly this really is the best place and forum to talk to other ladies and read about how they are coping feeling etc there really is lots of lovely ladies on here :) please stay away from google as it just makes pepole feel worse especially if you have anxiety Same as me :) 

At the moment I am currently waiting for lletz treatment next week which I am very very scared about as my biospy results don't make sense to me and I'm so so scared something else is going to be found or has something been found and I'm not being told :( 


wow bless you you are being super brave about having further scans the day before your 30th birthday do you know if you will be told any results on the day your having scan 


lots of big hugs to you Traka x 

Thank you for your kind words Traka, how are you coping with your diagnosis? Are you having your Llertz under a local or general? Hope it all goes well

I haven't really had much of a choice with dates for the scans and procedures. I am assuming that I will get my scan results given to me on the day I have my general (although I don't know how long it takes to get results back from a MRI and CT scan?), along with any findings of what they found when examining me. I am a little gutted that my birthday plans have gone completely out the window but no point dwelling over it. We are celebrating this weekend which should hopefully be a nice break away from the C word. 

I have already googled a lot! :/ But I must say I haven't found anything particulary scary, it sounds as if it is very much curable at this stage. I do have concerns about them finding something more sinester but until that happens I'm trying not to think about it and will deal with it if I get news like that :-) 

Kelly how have you found having a hysterecomy? Did it take you long to recover? Have you gone back to work/your normal everyday life now?